Super-Automatic Espresso Machine Features: Unveil the Reality

Are you getting tired of visiting a cafe or Starbucks daily? What about being a barista at home? 

And making an excellent cup of coffee only with a touch of a button in no time?

Think I’m Exaggerating?

Well, you live in a super-tech world where everything evolves with high-end technology. Super-automatic espresso machines are highly developed coffee machines. These espresso makers give a rich mouthfeel without demanding manual labor.

The automatic espresso machine does grinding, tamping, brewing, and cleaning. Can this really be true? Let’s explore the super-automatic espresso machine features in the coming sections.

Super-Automatic Espresso Machine Features/parts
Super-Automatic Espresso Machine Features

Some Basic Super-Automatic Espresso Machine Features

Every Automatic espresso machine comes with the following basic features:

  • Display screen with navigation Buttons
  • Bean Hopper
  • Grinder
  • The Doser
  • Water Reservoir
  • Single heating system
  • Coffee Spout and Milk Nozzle
  • Drip Tray and Bean Container

Let’s explore these basic features you’ll have in your Automatic Espresso machine. Learn how to use an espresso machine for a better experience of making a perfect cup of coffee.

Digital Display Screen

One of the most striking features of super-automatic espresso or automatic espresso machine is TFT colorful Screen display. This screen displays colorful animations of drinks with their images and names.

In addition, there are side buttons for easy navigation. You can start the brewing and clean with a touch of a button. 

Feature verdict: This colorful display with pictures is user-friendly, especially for those with impaired vision.

Misconception vs. Reality: Is a super-automatic espresso machine complicated to use? Certainly not. The display screen and buttons make it pretty easy to operate.

Bean Hopper

Evey automatic espresso machine includes bean containers with different capacities. Coffee making process starts with a bean hopper. 

The specialty of the Super-automatic machine is that it grinds whole fresh beans for brewing.

These fresh beans give you a rich aromatic taste which can’t be achieved in Capsule based machine.

Moreover, there comes a lid of the bean hopper with an airtight seal to keep the beans fresh and safe from getting stale.

Moreover, there comes a lid of the bean hopper with an airtight seal to keep the beans fresh and safe from getting stale.

Feature Verdict: This feature enables an automatic espresso machine to brew from whole fresh beans for individual coffee cups.

Misconception vs. Reality: Is it necessary to fill the bean hopper after every cup of coffee? In fact, some machines hold enough beans to brew all day.

Bean hopper of super-automatic espresso machine
Bean Hopper

Brew Unit

The brew Unit is another outstanding feature of the automatic espresso machine. It does multiple tasks efficiently. First, it processes the freshly ground beans from the grinder, tamps the coffee, and pre-infuses the bean.

Finally, it brews the coffee and pushes the pucks of ground beans to the waste bin.

Further, the brew unit comes in two types; FIxed Brew and Removeable Brew. Both have their pros and cons. Most of the machines include a Fixed Brew Unit.

A fixed Brew Unit is more feasible to use as there is less chance of misalignment. Additionally, its maintenance is done by machine, so there is less manual work.

 A downside is you can’t clean it by hand to a satisfactory level. So, you’ve to trust the machine. Again the Plus point is, some machines come with cleaning tablets to remove all impurities 

Feature Verdict: The brew unit is essential to the whole coffee-making process.

Misconception vs. Reality: Which type of Brew unit is right for you? Honestly, both work fine; it’s only a matter of personal preference.


One more essential feature of the automatic coffee maker is a built-in grinder. In manual coffee makers, you have to grind coffee to make an espresso shot.  While an automatic espresso machine does all the work with the touch of a button.

What’s more, a super-automatic machine uses a Burr grinder. A Burr grinder includes Multiple Blades or cuts to give a fast and fine grinding. With the Burr grinder, an automatic espresso machine prepares a flavorful espresso shot.

Verdict for feature: The built-in grinder is a difference-making feature between a manual and automatic machine.

Misconception Vs. Reality: When preparing multiple drinks, you’ve to wait for the grinding for each cup. Is it so? As good news, this smart grinder starts grinding for your second drink during the brewing of your first drink.

grinder of super-automatic espresso machine

The Doser

Besides the grinder, the doser is another intelligent component in an automatic espresso machine. A doser is used to adjust the strength of coffee. For an espresso shot, 7 grams of ground coffee is recommended. 

Verdict for Feature: Doser is a handy feature that allows you to enjoy your customized espresso shot.

Misconception Vs. Reality: Can you make a strong espresso shot or cafe crema in an automatic espresso machine?  Yes, you can prepare a strong espresso shot using an adjustable doser.

An adjustable Doser is undoubtedly one of the remarkable super-automatic espresso machine features. Further, it allows you to do error-free settings to adjust the volume. 

A fixed brew group allows the settings between 6 and 9 grams for one espresso shot, while in a removable brew group, you can adjust between 5 and 16 grams to brew a double shot.

Difference Between Doser & Doserless Grinder

The main difference between a doser and a doserless grinder is how they dispense the ground coffee.

A doser grinder has a container that collects and dispenses the ground coffee into the portafilter. This allows for a more consistent dose of coffee for each espresso shot.

On the other hand, a doserless grinder dispenses the ground coffee directly into the portafilter, with no intermediate container. This eliminates the need for a doser, and allows for a more straightforward and faster brewing process, with minimal waste. 

However, the lack of a container can result in less consistent dosing, which can affect the quality of the espresso extraction.

Prose of Doser Grinders

  • More consistent dosing leads to a more consistent espresso extraction.
  • Easy to use and maintain.
  • Allows for multiple-shot espresso making.

Cons of Doser Grinder

  • Can generate more waste in the form of coffee grinds left in the doser.
  • Can add an extra step to the brewing process.
  • More difficult to clean than doserless grinders.

Prose of Doserless Grinders

  • Minimal waste as the grinds go straight into the portafilter.
  • Faster and more straightforward process, with no need to empty the doser.
  • Space-saving as no doser means a smaller footprint.

Cons of Doserless Grinders

  • Less consistent dosing can affect espresso extraction quality.
  • Can be messier than doser grinders as grinds can scatter.
  • Not as easy to use for multi-shot espresso making.

Water Reservoir

The manufacturers of the super-automatic espresso machine work day and night to make it a top-notch bean-to-cup machine. Once the plumbing was considered convenient as It connected a machine with a water line.

The machine is connected to the water line to avoid the risk of running out the water which means,  your machine can burn if you don’t feed it with water.

But now, a super-automatic espresso machine comes with a water tank having enough capacity to make it easier to use. Further, this helpful feature allows you to move and place your machine anywhere, anytime, and easily.

And another thing is the pressurization method. In this method, water is pulled with the help of pumps to make it heated. Pumps make the main difference between manual and automatic espresso machines.

Verdict of feature: A water tank makes a big difference between manual and automatic espresso machines for a home-based espresso machine.

Misconception vs. Reality: A super-automatic machine uses soft water to improve the taste. So, can you use your tap water? You can use your filtered cold tap water if you’re not using the machine’s filter.

Single Heating System

Again an essential primary feature is the heating system.  An automatic espresso machine comes with two types of heating elements. The single heating system and dual heating system. Most of the machines include a single heating system.

A single heating system is called Thermoblock. In this system, the heating agent pulls the water from a water tank in small quantities. Due to this small quantity, a single Thermoblock system takes almost 45 seconds to get heated.  

Verdict of Feature: As I already mentioned, this component is crucial in preparing coffee.

Misconception vs. reality: Can a super-automatic prepare a hot espresso shot?  Yes, it gives a perfect hot espresso.

If you feel that your espresso isn’t much hot, the reason is a small amount of heated water, the espresso shot becomes a little cool before even touching your lips. So, a reasonable solution is a cup warmer.

The Coffee Spout and Milk Nozzel, the Most loved Super-Automatic Espresso Machine Features:

When you think about a super-automatic espresso machine, you’re thinking about your favorite drinks. You can get espresso and regular coffee from the coffee spout, while the milk nozzle gives you steamed and frothed milk.

For Milk-based drinks, some machines come with steam wands or foam assist wands, But super-automatic machines once again get the lead by introducing built-in milk frothing and steaming features.

Verdict for Feature: No machine can come without these two features.

Misconception vs. Reality: Can you adjust the spouts according to the size of your cups? Yes, in a super-automatic machine, they are adjustable.

Drip Tray and Bean Container

This Bean-to-cup machine includes all the luxurious features to stand out among the other coffee makers. It has a removable drip tray and a bean container.

This drip tray holds the cup under the spouts. It also keeps the place clean, as any coffee or milk residue will drop in. The bean Container stores the coffee ground pucks inside it.

Verdict of feature: It’s a luxurious but necessary feature.

Misconception vs. Reality: Can you wash your drip tray and bean container with any detergent? Exactly, they are dishwashers.

Let’s Dive into Some Advanced Super-Automatic Espresso Machine Features:

A super-automatic espresso machine includes some extra features to make it an exceptional coffee maker.

  • Touch-screen
  • Removable Brew Unit
  • Pre-Grinding and Grind Setting
  • Bypass Doser
  • Water Filtration System
  • Dual Heating System
  • Drink Customization
  • Bluetooth connection


What’s more, fun than getting a perfect cup of espresso with a touch of a finger? Certainly nothing for a coffee lover. 

By now you’ll be wondering

A Super-automatic espresso machine comes with TFT colorful touchscreen. A touch display is a fascinating feature for a technophile.

In addition, you can adjust the temperature of the coffee, increase or decrease the volume of drinks, select your preferred language, start brewing, and finally, clean the machine with a touch of a finger. 

Moreover, the touchscreen /digital screen displays alerts, like refilling the water tank and bean hopper, maintenance, and drip tray are not attached.

Verdict of feature: A luxurious and easy-to-use feature with many customizing options.

You can read the Jura S8 review, a machine that comes with a touchscreen.

Colorful touch display is one of the super-automatic  espresso machine features
Touch screen

Removable Brew Unit

Previously, I mentioned that every automatic machine has a built-in brew unit for performing multiple tasks. Here is another advanced feature that comes with the super-automatic machine. This fantastic feature is a removable brew unit.

With the facility of a removable brew unit, you’re able to clean it manually. Some brands like Saeco, Solis, and Gaggia, Include removable unit, while brands like Jura and Capresso doesn’t come with this feature.

Feature Verdict: Although this is a handy feature, it doesn’t mean that the machine which doesn’t have this feature needs to be better. This feature only allows you to clean the unit manually.

Removable Brew Unit of super-automatic espresso machine
Removable Brew Unit of super-automatic espresso machine

Grind Setting

The automatic espresso machine uses a stainless steel Burr grinder. This grinder is famous for its functionality and durability. It works fast and grinds fine. But now the question arises, can you adjust it according to your preferred drink taste?

Yeah, I thought so

So, good for you; yes, you can adjust the grinding setting from fine to coarse coffee grounds. You can play with the grinder setting and make your espresso weaker or strong or whatever you like.

Feature Verdict: This is a more convenient feature, in my opinion, because you can make customized coffee like a barista at home. You can make a fine to coarse coffee within no time.

However, if you grind too fine, your espresso will taste bitter. Likewise, your espresso will be too weak to taste if you grind too coarse. So, settings allow you to adjust your drinks according to your taste. Jura E8 includes Burr Grinder.

Ginder setting, one of the super-automatic espresso machine features
Grind Setting

Bypass Doser

What if you like to try some extra flavor except fresh ground beans? A super-automatic machine allows you to use pre-ground coffee.

A bypass doser is an extra addition to a super-automatic espresso machine, making it a more remarkable coffee maker. It is a handy feature that allows you to enjoy decaffeinated drinks.

That’s when it hit me.

This bypass doser is a small chute located at the top of the machine by the side of the bean hopper. It only allows pre-ground coffee. You can measure the pre-ground coffee in the scoops(included in the bundle).

Feature Verdict: Bypass user is quite a handy feature for those who like decaf or pre-ground espresso. Jura ENA 8 comes with a built-in doser.

Water Filtration System

Well, it’s already mentioned before that an automatic machine needs soft or filtered water to preserve the taste of your coffee. Water is an integral component of the coffee-making process. 

Super-automatic espresso machine ensures the taste of coffee by purifying the water from all impurities. Therefore an automatic machine asks about the hardness of your tap water. Now comes another fantastic feature that makes things easier for you.

A super-automatic machine comes with a water filtration system. It means that you no longer need to check the hardness of your water to set the machine accordingly. Moreover, if you’re using the CLEARYL filter ( Jura included), you don’t need to descale your machine.

The CLEARYL filter uses RIFD, which is connected to the water Intelligence System I.W.S.This system informs you when to clean the machine and refill the water tank and bean container.

Feature Verdict: The water Filtration system is a blessing for a better taste experience.

Dual Heating System

When it comes to a super-automatic espresso machine, you can’t wait for 45 seconds even, with a single heating system. So, worry not; some super-automatic espresso machine features are really cool.

A machine having a dual heating system works fast while frothing and brewing. So, if you want to prepare a cappuccino or latte with a cup of espresso, the dual heating system allows you to do so.  

So, a Dual heating system is a handy feature when you’re in a hurry. It immediately cools down the boiler after steaming the milk.

Feature Verdict: Another luxurious and beneficial super-automatic espresso machine feature.

Single vs Double Thermoblock Technology

Let me make things easy to understand.

A single heating system in an espresso machine means that only one heating element provides heat to both the brewing water and the steam boiler. This heating system is typically found in entry-level or home espresso machines.

On the other hand, a dual heating system has separate heating elements for the brewing water and the steam boiler. This allows the brewing water and the steam to be heated independently, providing greater temperature stability and control. 

The dual heating system is typically found in high-end espresso machines and is preferred by professional baristas as it provides greater control and consistency in espresso preparation.

In summary, a dual heating system provides greater temperature stability and control, while a single heating system is less expensive and typically found in entry-level or home espresso machines.

YouTube video
Single vs Double Thermoblock Technology

Drink Customization

Do you enjoy a variety of drinks? Then you’ll love this feature that allows you to go above the mist and customize your drinks.

Moreover, it also allows saving the individual drink preference so that whenever you need your favorite coffee, you don’t have to program it again. Just go to your saved drinking library and enjoy your drink with a touch of a button.

Feature Verdict: This feature makes a fully automatic espresso machine more convenient and easy for beginners and older ones.

Bluetooth Connection

Last but not least, the facility of Bluetooth connection is a feature of another world. Now you can control your automatic espresso machine with your smartphone, iPad, tablet, or even an apple watch.

And what next, you can get the assistance of Sirri to order your machine for preparing a good cup of coffee.

Feature Verdict: This is quite an exciting feature that makes you feel more freedom and comfort. After operating the machine through your phone, you only need to leave the bed to pick up your hot, flavorful cup of joe. Enjoy!!

Final Thought

So what does all this mean? Now you know what to look for before buying your home-based automatic machine. You’re pretty aware of super-automatic espresso machine features, and if you are torn between the best super-automatic espresso machines, you can check them out.


Automatic and super-automatic are two names for one type of machine. A machine having all automatic features is called an automatic espresso machine, while a super-automatic espresso machine has advanced features.

Super-automatic espresso machines are hefty for those with a tight budget, but these machines come in all ranges from, premium entry. Moreover, it’s a long-time investment to enjoy the variant coffee drinks with a touch of a button.

With a super-automatic machine, you can enjoy a delicious espresso with minimal effort and time. Many super-automatic espresso machines allow you to customize your coffee to your liking, including the strength, temperature, and volume.

Most super-automatic espresso machines are compatible with any type of coffee beans, including Arabica, Robusta, and blends.

The noise level of a super-automatic espresso machine will vary depending on the model, but they are generally quieter than traditional espresso machines.

 It is recommended to clean your super-automatic espresso machine regularly to maintain its performance and ensure that you get the best quality coffee. The frequency of cleaning will depend on how often you use the machine and the type of machine you have.

Yes, many super-automatic espresso machines have a grind size adjustment feature that allows you to select the grind size for your coffee beans.

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