Jura ENA 8 Review: Compact Coffee Machine

Having limited countertop space, do you want a compact coffee machine packed with the features of the most expensive machines? Jura ENA 8 is worth considering. It’s perfect for apartments and small kitchens because of its small footprint.

ENA 8 is one of the most compact models. It gets a lot of modern technology used by Jura’s premium models. And that’s why I’ll call it a special model in my Jura ENA 8 Review.

A stylish and bean-to-cup ENA 8 is a part of Jura’s signature line of coffee machines. This super-automatic Espresso machine includes features like PEP brewing, a multi-level aroma G3 grinder, and easy cleaning.


  • TFT color display
  • 10 Programmable specialties
  • AromaG3 grinder
  • 6 Grinder settings
  • Bluetooth compatible

Overview Of Jura ENA8

ENA 8 is a fully automatic espresso machine with a surprisingly small footprint and eye-friendly design. The milk foam quality and easy cleaning stand it among the best automatic espresso machines.

Furthermore, ENA 8 consolidated the variety of drinks at the push of a button. Like other Jura’s best coffee machines, it is easy to set up and excellent for making espresso.

The ENA 8 has a 2.8’’ TFT colorful display and operating panels to make it easy to use. ENA 8 offers fantastic specialty coffees that are freshly ground, not capsuled. Jura ENA 8 grinds the beans for each specialty coffee. It can grind up to 125g of beans.

In addition, it does self-rinsing after making milk-based beverages. It’s smart enough to inform you when to refill the water tank reservoir and bean hopper.

So, if you are a coffee lover with a small family, get this mini-unit, the one-cup espresso machine as it’s perfect for homes. 


  • Compact size
  • High-quality construction
  • Easy to use
  • Customizable drinks


  • Limited capacity
  • Limited programming options

Jura ENA 8 Review

  • Espresso
  • Espresso doppio 
  • Coffee
  • Ristretto
  • Macchiato 
  • Cappuccino
  • Cappuccino
  • Flat White
  • Latte Macchiato
  •  Portion milk foam 
  • Hot water

Design and Features: Jura ENA 8 Review

Jura ENA8 is beautifully designed both in appearance and ease of use. With the dimensions of W- 9″ x H-12.7″ x L-17.5″ / 21 lbs, this small, stunning yet simple machine can be fitted anywhere.

It has a small bean container with a capacity of 125g beans and a water tank with a capacity of 1.1-liter water. These features are vital in making it the most compact coffee machine.

So this machine, with a delightfully small footprint under 13 inches high, can be placed on most cabinet spaces even if your kitchen is small and you have a lot of appliances.

Since the bean hopper and water tank are small, you have to refill them daily. In addition, you’ll need to empty the grounds bin daily. Not a big deal, though! This space-saving machine is available in three gorgeous colors. Having the same front side color, ENA 8 is available in three different colorful sides. Prices may vary with each color and depending on availability on Amazon.

  • Metropolitan Black
  • Nordic White
  • Sunset Red
Showing 3 three colors of Jura ENA8 automatic espresso machine

Display of Jura ENA8

If you don’t know the difference between the beverages, And can’t choose the drinks by their name, ENA 8 has a 2.8’’ screen with colorful graphics. This TFT display is easy to use with the help of multi-functioned buttons. 

With these buttons, you can navigate through the drinks you want to prepare. You can also scroll to access the programs like maintenance, changing the setting on a specific drink, checking the water tank, filter life, and so on.

Bean Hopper/Grinder

After setting up the machine, the first thing that you’ll see is the bean hopper. The bean container has a capacity of 125g and comes with a lid and airtight seal to preserve the freshness and aroma of beans for a long time. 

Again 125g beans mean 4 or 5 cups a day. Good for a smaller family!

ENA8 uses a stainless burr grinder called a multi-level aroma G3 grinder. Is Burr Grinder worth it? Yes, it’s.

The main difference between a simple grinder and a burr grinder is their number of blades. G3 grinders have sharp multi-level blades to grind the beans fast and the finest. Burr grinders use two rotating burrs to crush the coffee beans into consistent, uniform particles.  The burrs are typically ceramic or metal and adjustable for different grind sizes.

In contrast to blade grinders, which use a spinning blade to chop the coffee beans, burr grinders produce a more consistent grind size, which is essential for achieving the best flavor when brewing coffee.

Isn’t cool?  

The next wonder feature invented by Jura’s engineers is P.E.P. The Plus Extraction Process ensures the optimum taste within no time. It forces the hot water through the grains of coffee at short intervals. This process extracts the maximum amount of aroma.

In addition, the grinder has 7 settings (options) to allow you to choose how fine the grinds of coffee you want. You can go from the finest to the coarsest. You can try the different blends of coffee, depending on the type of beans you are using.

The more the beans are ground fine, the more the espresso will come with crema!

Craving for something decaffeinated? but can’t find them with a bean hopper?

Now hang on! 

Bypass Dose

You must have seen a circle near the bean container. Now wondering what it is for. It’s a chute for pre-ground coffee Yeah! For making your deface.

Using a bypass doser, you can make your decaffeinated coffee even if the bean hopper is already filled with fresh coffee beans. Exciting!

Moreover, you’ll get a scoop to measure and put your pre-ground coffee in the chute. For further amazement, you still have access to all the programming features for the drink that uses pre-ground coffee.

I’m sure you’re going to love this.

Showing the bypass doser of Jura ENA 8
bypass Doser

ENA 8 is smart enough that once you open the chute and add your scoop of pre-ground coffee, the machine automatically recognizes it. So you don’t need to program anything, you’ll get the screen with the options for pre-ground coffee drinks.

Coffee Quality

Jura ENA8 Super Automatic Coffee and Espresso Machine let you enjoy convenient barista-quality specialty coffee beverages like regular coffee, latte, flat white, cappuccino, Espresso, and more, at the touch of a button.

Jura ENA8pulling espresso shot

The ENA 8 impresses with specialty coffees that are freshly ground, not capsuled. ENA 8 is a bean-to-cup, Espresso machine, which means the machine grinds coffee beans specifically for every single drink.

There’s nothing like the smell of a fresh coffee drink!!

Reviewing the milk frothing system always excites me as I’m a big fan of cappuccino and latte. This compact ENA 8 gives a perfect creamy flavor to my drinks with a touch of microfoam, thanks to Jura’s Cappuccino Frother.

ENA 8 comes with a milk pipe tube with a stainless steel cover (An accessory). You have to connect one end of the milk tube with the milk container and the other with the milk spout. Once connected to the milk, you can make a cappuccino and a famous three-layer latte macchiato.

Jura ENA8 milk system
ENA 8 Milk System

Again, you can even make just foamed milk if you want a cup of milk or you want hot chocolate or milk with some tea. You have a normal macchiato, an espresso shot with five seconds of foamed milk. And much more!!

Another fantastic feature of this machine is that it allows you to customize drinks in terms of strength and volume.

Looking for an extra hot sip?

Tip! To enjoy your Espresso, use the cup warmer. What‘s this? It’s an accessory(not come in the bundle) that makes it more convenient to heat your cup before pouring the Espresso into it.

Why is the cup warmer? Your cups need to be warmed for Espresso shots specifically because it’s such a short amount of water, one and a half ounces 45 ml, so it gets cooled very fast before it even touches your lips.

Spout Height

At the start of my review, I called ENA 8 one of the most compact coffee machines of the Jura line. So, it’s a compact version of everything in one place. You have a coffee spout, a milk spout, and a water spout in the same place. So you don’t need to move your cup anymore.

The water spout can be skipped in this miniature version, but this is the beauty of ENA 8; being a compact machine, it comes with high-end technology. Now you can make hot tea and hot chocolate.

Big News!

If you want to make an Americano, prepare one chopped Espresso and add water.

A drip tray and bean holder

At the bottom of the spouts, there comes a drip tray to place the cups under the spout. This drip tray comes with a coffee ground container; when the machine grinds the coffee, the pucks of coffee go straight into this bean holder.

Further, the water goes into the drip tray when the machine rinses itself. And the amazing thing with ENA 8 is the contact sensor on it, so your drip tray can never overflow, as the machine will stop working when it gets filled.

A Round Water Tank

Jura ENA 8 includes a 37-ounce cylindrical-shaped, easy-grip water tank. This round water tank with its cylindrical shape is inspired by crystal carafes. Since this water reservoir is small, so you have to refill it frequently. It is easy to remove and easy to fill.

Since quality water is an integral part of making coffee, ENA 8 will ask you about the hardness of your water. You also can adjust the machine according to your water. You can use your filtered water in the water reservoir.

If you want a fully automatic machine smart enough, that it tells you when to refill the water tank and bean hopper, use Jura’s CLEARYL filter. By using Jura’s water intelligent system you never have to descale the machine. Indeed a convenience!

J.O.E APP / Siri

Enjoy the convenience of operating your machine through your smartphone.

Jura ENA 8 uses the technology of high-end machines. It gives you easy access to all the programs through your phone, iPad, or Apple watch. You can get this access by using Smart Connect Bluetooth and operating through Jura Operating Experience (J.E.O.) App.

You can customize your drinks as per your choice by using this APP. Moreover, ENA 8 gives excellent facilities for those who have impaired vision by offering Siri shortcuts. Now you only order Siri to prepare your favorite beverage, and your drink is ready to enjoy.


The thing that I like the most about Jura ENA 8 is its All-in-one machine. It rinses itself after being used. If you prepare a milk-based drink, it will clean the milk system automatically. Just put the Cleaning tablets in the pre-ground chute and the machine will start rinsing.

Machines take almost 25 min for cleaning cycle. If you’re not using a filter, you have to descale the machine. But if you use Jura’s intelligent system, there would be no need for descaling. Again you can use Jura’s descaling tablets.

Further, there comes some manual cleaning too. The drip tray and bean grounds container need daily based washing and cleaning. Dissembling these parts is relatively easy. Cleaning and replacing the milk hose is essential for a better taste of milk-based drinks every time. 

One thing that makes me skeptical about the self-cleaning of this super-automatic Espresso machine is that its brew unit is fixed. In this case, when you can’t give a good washing to the brewing unit, you have to trust the auto-rinsing.

How to use The Jura ENA 8 Fully Automatic Machine?

Once you have unboxed the machine, it’s time to review how does ENA 8 start? The very first thing that you’re going to use is Bean Hopper. 

At first, you have to fill the bean container with fresh whole beans properly so there wouldn’t be any air cavities. Why am I saying so? It will make your espresso more strong. Then put the lid(with an airtight seal) back in place.

Next, go to the TFT screen and press the enter button. Navigate through the colorful pictures of drinks with the help of side buttons. After selecting your favorite drink, you can adjust its temperature and volume. Now hit the save, and your machine grinds and prepares a cup of coffee with fresh beans.

Again you can perform all these actions through your smartphone with J.O.E. or by getting the assistance of Siri.  

Is Jura ENA 8 Worth The Money?

So, here comes the most concerning part of my Jura ENA 8 review. Jura offers expensive coffee machines that aren’t a piece of cake for everyone. But honestly, it’s a cumulative amount that looks hefty. Otherwise, you pay more to your Starbucks on a regular basis.

So what’s the secret? 

If you’re a coffee lover and can’t spend a day without having a cup of coffee. Right?  You have two options. Go to any coffee shop for a relatively better coffee, you’ll pay more. And the second option is, Purchase a coffee machine, and you’ll get both quality and convenience.

On all these grounds, ENA 8 can be a better option for you if you’re a regular coffee drinker.

Jura ENA 8 VS Other Coffee Machines

So, you have researched a lot about different brands and versions of fully automatic espresso machines. Your mind is blown by the different choices, and after reading my Jura ENA8 Review, you want to see how it compares to other models.

Jura ENA 8 VS Jura E8

An extensive comparison comes between Jura E8 and Jura ENA 8. Both are top-notch super-automatic machines having different peculiarities. Ask yourself whether you have enough space to accommodate a relatively large machine with a water tank of 64oz.

Do you want more control over your milk-based drinks by controlling the foam and texture with a dial on the milk nozzle of E8? Do you want J.O.E. with WiFi capability? And last but not least, do you prefer more specialty coffees? 

If yes, for all. BOOM!! Jura E8 is suitable for you. Read the complete Jura E8 review.

But if you’re looking for a compact version loaded with all high-end technology and a good menu, E.N.A. 8 could be your suitable companion for years.

Jura ENA 8 Vs Jura E6

Let’s have a look at Jura ENA 8 and Jura E6. Both Super-automatic Espresso machines are equipped with modern technology. Both offer good quilty espresso and milk-based drinks.

Again the main difference is the capacity of both machines. E6 has a large water tank and bean container. So, if you want to refill both after a few cups, consider E6. Read a complete review of Jura E6.

Moreover, E6 offers 6 specialty coffees, while ENA 8 offers 10. Benign a mini version of ENA 8 is easy to pace and handle. Its round water tank can easily be removed and attached.

One thing that makes ENA 8 a winner is its bypass doser, which E6 doesn’t have. So, if you like Decaffeinated drinks, choose ENA 8. 

Overall, both machines are excellent options for home espresso making. ENA 8 is more compact and suited for smaller households or those with limited counter space. 

While, the Jura E6 has a larger water tank and bean hopper and more advanced features, making it a better choice for larger households or those who desire more customization options.

Jura ENA 8 VS Delonghi Dinamica Plus

Both machines perform well, as both have high technology. But regarding the price tag, Delonghi Dinamica Plus is less expensive. Further, Delonghi Plus comes with a touch-screen which is its plus point.

From the design perspective, Jura ENA 8 is sleek and modern, while the DeLonghi Dinamica Plus has a more traditional look. Both machines have a small footprint and can fit on most kitchen counters.

Further, ENA 8 has a 10-ounce bean hopper and a 37-ounce water tank, while the DeLonghi Dinamica Plus has a 10.6-ounce bean hopper and a 60-ounce water tank.

 Again, both machines have built-in grinders, but the Jura ENA 8 has a wider range of grind settings. The DeLonghi Dinamica Plus has a one-touch milk frothing system, while the Jura ENA 8 requires manual frothing.

Jura ENA 8 uses Jura’s pre-brewing technology for rich taste and aroma, while DeLonghi offers more specialty coffees. Now it’s up to your personal preference or your budget range.

Don’t Buy Jura ENA 8 If…

  • You have a family of 3 or 4 members
  •  If you want more drinks
  • You’re out of budget
  • You can do manual work like frothing and descaling
  • You’re looking for a premium coffee machine
Final Thought/Verdict: Jura ENA8 Review

To summarize my Jura ENA 8 review, this small-footprint machine is a perfect choice for a single person or family of fewer members. This incredible super automatic Espresso Machine has everything that you want. It gives ideal coffee, milk-based drinks are easy to prepare, and the milk system is easy to clean after use.

In addition, the operating menu is easy to use with colorful graphics. It is chrome with a stunning round-shaped water reservoir and no more need for descaling if you use the filter. The drip tray is helpful in terms of holding cups and avoiding spills when emptying.

Overall, it’s an excellent coffee center; you’ll enjoy the coffee prepared by Jura ENA 8 for years.

So Go ahead!


Without any doubt, Jura ENA 8 is worth buying. Although it’s pricy, the drinks and quality that it offers make it valuable. It offers everything that you want as a regular coffee drinker.

Jura ENA 8 offers regular coffee along with 10 specialty coffees including espresso doppio, flat white, latte, and cappuccino at the touch of a button. 

According to a study led by Consumentenbond in Feb 2021, the average service life of a Jura machine can be up to 9 years if handled and maintained carefully.

Yes, with the use of Smart connect adopter, Jura ENA 8 can be operated through your smartphone, iPad, or Apple watch.

Jura ENA 8 has a stainless steel burr grinder that works fast and quietly. This Aroma G3 grinder gives rich and aromatic coffee.

Jura ENA 8 is made at Jura’s facility in Portugal and released on May 6, 2020.

The ENA 8 is 10.7 inches WIDE, including the water cylinder on the right side. It is about 18.5 inches front to back, including the drip tray/cup platform, and about 0.5 inches for the power cord.

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