How to Drink Espresso Like an Italian

From tamping to pulling a perfect shot, espresso is an art. From classy cafes in Venice and Paris to trendy coffee houses in New York, espresso is served and enjoyed with the same vibes.

So, to relish the real taste of this Italian drink like a pro, you must have a little know-how for how to drink espresso in the right way. Fortunately, drinking espresso with confidence isn’t hard to master. 

Let’s jump ahead to explore “how to order and drink espresso in the right way”.

How to Drink Espresso: 5 Easy Steps

If you want to impress your barista, read our tips and tricks and learn how to drink espresso like an Italian. But Hang on a minute!! Do you know the right pronunciation of the word “ESPRESSO”? 

Well, the right pronunciation of the word expresso is uh·spreh·sow” or “eh-press-o” not “Expresso” and the word is used both as a noun and a verb. 

Let’s move the best way of drinking espresso in 5 simple steps.

1. How to Order a Delicious Cup of Espresso

How to drink espresso
How to drink espresso

Once you’ve learned the accurate pronunciation of the word “Espresso”, it’s time to order a delicious cup of espresso. “One Espresso Please” is to get the attention of Barista. Now ready for the next question. Barista will ask “Single shot or Doppio”?

Therefore, you must have knowledge about coffee-related terms to get your desired drink without losing your confidence.

An ounce of straight espresso (30 milliliters) is called a Single Espresso Shot. Straight espresso doesn’t contain any milk foam or sugar add-ons. Moreover, in most of the cafes in the world, a ceramic cup is used for serving espresso shots.

But if you have some extra pieces of knowledge about barista jargon, show your knowledge by ordering espresso in Demitasse. Wondering what’s demitasse?

To your surprise, Demitasse (pronounced as ‘dem-E-tas’) is a French word used for ‘half cup’. A French word for a cup of  Italian drink? Astonishing, isn’t it?  Well, it’s among those unsolved mysteries.

What’s a doppio? Doppio is a double espresso shot, two ounces (60 millimeters) without extra add-ons. I recommend going with a double espresso shot if you want to enjoy the rich mouthfeel taste of espresso.

2. Clean Your Palate with Sparkling Water

sparkling water
sparkling water

Sparkling water contains dissolved carbon dioxide gas which is a good palate cleanser. So, if you’re at a local coffee shop, the barista will come up with a glass of sparkling water. It’s a traditional method of refreshing your taste buds to enjoy the real taste of express. So, don’t expect it at any Starbucks.

Sparkling water is used as effervescence stimulates, so your palate is ready to recognize the taste of the delicious cup of espresso. Here’s your aromatic espresso shot, let’s deal with the crema.

3. What to do with Crema?

How to deal with Crema
How to deal with Crema

Crema is a mystery in the world of espresso. It’s the core of pulling the perfect espresso shot, but you may want to get rid of this thick reddish layer of CO2. Crema helps you to get an insight look of your espresso. 

The more the crema is thick and reddish, the more the taste of espresso will be good.

Should you drink espresso with crema or without crema?

Well, the traditional way of enjoying espresso is to take a sip mixed with crema, It tastes bitter but it holds most of the aroma which enhances the flavour. On the other side, modern espresso experts believe in skimming away the crema with a spoon

Finally, you can take a shot either way and decide which suits your taste buds. However, if you decide to go with modern coffee experts then try to remove it as soon as possible because it will sink to the bottom.

4. Give it a Stir

Give espresso a stir
Give Espresso a Stir

Is there an in-between way of dealing with a thick syrup-like drink that sinks at the bottom leaving the sweeter notes at the top?  

Again there are ways of dealing with it. Traditional coffee experts favor drinking espresso as it is without stirring it. Modern coffee fans give a quick stir and mix the bitter and brighter notes to enjoy a balanced taste of espresso shot.

Both ways go well, so the choice is yours, I personally like to stir it well for a true balanced taste.

5. Enjoy Your Sip

smell espresso and enjoy it
Smell Espresso and Enjoy it

Finally, the most awaited moment comes. You have a hot aromatic cup of espresso on your table. Smell the fragrance and let your nostrils feel it because the aroma is half taste. Now don’t slurp, sip it and let the taste roll over your tongue.

Enjoy the flavor of fresh whole beans and the unique texture of espresso shot. You’ll love the bitter and brighter notes of this Italian drink after knowing how to drink espresso like a pro.

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How to Order Espresso Like a Pro

Why does Espresso Rule the Coffee World?

How to order espresso
How to Order Espresso

There are several compelling reasons that make espresso famous among coffee fans.

With intense flavor and aroma in a small serving, espresso gives you a quick boost of energy. Further, the rich crema, a golden foam atop a well-pulled shot, enhances both visual appeal and taste.

Not only this, espresso is famous for its versatility, it serves as the base for other delicious beverages like lattes and cappuccinos, etc. Espresso is an art, and you must learn how to pull a perfect espresso shot at home.

Tips for How to Drnik Espresso

Let’s rewind the above discussion about how to drink espresso and make a to-do list for making your first experience memorable.  

Sip and Savor: Take small sips to fully appreciate the flavorful notes of a well-balanced espresso shot. Always remember, espresso is meant to be sipped not slurped.

Observe the Crema: Before taking your first sip, take a moment to appreciate the crema on top of the espresso. Crema tells the hidden story of the taste, consistency, and aroma of your espresso shot.

Smell the Aroma: Bring the cup close to your nose and inhale the rich aroma. Much of the flavor experience comes from the scent.

Pay Attention to Temperature: Espresso is best enjoyed at a warm, not scalding, temperature. Let it cool slightly before taking your first sip. It’s slightly cool, mind you. 

Experiment with Flavor: While the traditional way to enjoy espresso is as is, you can also try it with a twist. You can enjoy it with a touch of cinnamon or a small piece of chocolate. I suggest trying it without add-ons to experience the natural flavors of the espresso.

Social Enjoyment: Espresso can also be a social experience. Enjoy it with friends, family, or fellow coffee enthusiasts, and share your thoughts on the flavors you’re experiencing.

Final Thoughts for How to Drink Espresso

After going through the whole article, you have learned how to drink espresso without any mess or hesitation. I’ve described traditional and modern ways to enjoy your first cup of espresso from a trendy cafe or shop on the corner. Now you’ll not consider yourself out of the coffee tribe. Go to the coffee shop and order a delightful cup of espresso to boost your mood. Do you think espresso is stronger than coffee? 

Read our comprehensive article about Espresso vs. coffee.

Happy Learning!!


Yes, for enjoying the natural taste of espresso, sip it straight. However, you can serve it as a base for other specialty coffees like Flat White, Americano, or Cappuccino.

Add-ons like sugar and milk enhance the flavor of your drink, but they change their identity. So, if you add milk to your espresso, it will become macchiato, another type of coffee that is equally appreciated among coffee lovers. You can enjoy a Latte by adding more milk than espresso. If you add milk, milk -foam, and espresso with equal ratio, your delicious cappuccino is ready to enjoy.

With the help of automatic espresso machines, you can pull a barista-level espresso shot at home. However, if you want to utilize your manual skills, you can prepare expresso without using an espresso maker.

You can add sweeteners like sugar, syrups, or even flavored whipped cream if you prefer a sweeter taste.

Yes, many people enjoy sipping on espresso without any additions. It’s meant to be a concentrated and bold drink.

Espresso is made by quickly forcing hot water through the finely ground coffee, resulting in a concentrated and strong flavor. Drip coffee is made by slowly dripping water through coarser grounds, producing a milder taste.

Yes, you can find decaffeinated espresso beans. They go through a process to remove most of the caffeine while preserving the flavor.

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