Jura Z10 Review: World’s First Hot & Cold Brew Coffee Machine

Are you fond of premium products with high-end quality? Then, why not the world’s first hot and cold brew super-automatic espresso machine with 32 specialty coffees rich in taste and flavor? 

Read my Jura Z10 review, and you will start yearning for it. I know the feeling—Z10 is the latest top-end fully automatic espresso machine and the first coffee machine that offers cold brew coffee with a programmable recognition grinder.

What makes this so special?

Jura Z10 has all the high-tech features of any super-automatic Espresso machine. It offers 32 pre-selected drink options– you can’t imagine anything that is a coffee-based or milk-based drink that’s not included in the Jura Z10 coffee machine.

Jura Z10 Review

  • water tank capacity: 169 oz.
  • Bean container capacity:17.7 oz.
  • Grinder settings: 12
  • Brew unit: 8-level, adjustable brewing unit
  • Drink specialties: 32
  • 200 cup capacity
  • Dual-spout
  • Two Thermo-block heating units

Jura Z10 Overview

The latest z10 is a masterpiece of Jura’s engineering endeavors. Z10 is a premium-range residential coffee maker with handy features. It includes a high-resolution color touchscreen, a Product Recognizing Grinder(PRG), and a Cold Extraction Process for cold brewing.

Furthermore, It offers 32 drink options, including 8 options for cold brew. By using 8th-generation technology, the Z10 brewing unit works amazingly to maximize the aroma and flavor of each cup of coffee.

Again this bean-to-cup coffee machine is easy to use and maintain. It offers customization of drinks as per your choice. For further ease, it can be programmed through your smartphone by downloading the Jura App.

The fact is, Jura Z10 is packed with multiple features with a wide range of coffee beverages. It offers espresso shots to trendy flat white and hot drinks to cold brew at the touch of your finger. Z10 uses a Cold Extraction Process to preserve the taste while brewing iced coffee.

Drink List of Jura Z10

  • Espresso / 2 x Espresso  
  • Espresso doppio 
  • Coffee / 2 x Coffee
  • Caffè Barista
  • Americano / 2x Americano
  • Macchiato 
  • Cortado 
  • Cappuccino
  • Cappuccino Extra Shot
  • Cold Brew Espresso
  •  Flat White Extra Shot
  • Latte Macchiato
  •  Latte Macchiato Extra Shot
  •  Portion milk foam 
  • Jug of coffee
  • Hot water
  • Cold Brew Coffee
  • Cold Brew Macchiato
  • Cold Brew Cortado
  • Cold Brew Cappuccino
  • Cold Brew Latte macchiato
  • Caffè latte / Caffè latte Extra Shot


  • 32 specialty drinks
  • High-quality Espresso
  • Customizable options
  • Brews hot and cold coffees
  • Large water tank
  • User-friendly


  •  No built-in milk container
  • Cold brew isn’t that impressive
  • Expensive

Jura Z10 Review

It’s time to start my honest Jura Z10 Review.

Let’s dig a little deeper!

Design and Build

Jura, a Switzerland-based brand, is known for its luxurious and evergreen design philosophy. Jura has been making smart appliances since 1931. It has made its name in creating high-end super-automatic espresso machines since the 1980s. 

Though Jura is an older brand, its designs are highly competitive with modern looks. Jura Z10 comes in breathtaking, elegant decor and styling. It rightly fits in Jura’s modern-looking lineup and is less boxy.

Showing 2 different colors of Jura z10 coffee machine
Jura Z10 is Available in 2 Colors

 Z10 has two gorgeous colors: aluminum white with a convex-concave front and diamond black. I personally like aluminum because there’s a use of more plastic in the black one. That’s why the white is more expensive than the black version.

With 12.6in wide × 17.7in deep, Z10 is a bit larger appliance. Jura Z10 demands a spacious counter yet fits every type of kitchen. Although it’s a bit large, it’s easy to handle. 

Unlike other espresso machines, it has a built-in grinder and steam system. So there’s no need for an extra place for a separate grinder or steam wand.

The front of the Z10 comes with a touchscreen and dual adjustable coffee spouts. On one side of z10, there is a wave design tank for reserving water. 

There’s no second thought that Z10 will enhance the luxurious look of your kitchen. It will be prominent among your great appliances.

Jura Z10 comes with an Energy-Saving Mode(ESM), which means it will shut off after use. So it will not drain the electricity.

Display: Touchscreen

Showing the touch screen of Jura Z10
TFT color Display of Jura Z10

The first interaction with Z10 is through its 4.3-inch TFT color display. A touchscreen with a color display is no doubt an exciting feature for a technophile. Further, you can easily navigate through the graphics to select your desired drink. 

Moreover, you can customize your drinks as per your preferences. You can set the temperature and volume to 10 different strengths for coffee and milk-based beverages. You can choose between 2 pages with 5 drink selections on each page.

Furthermore, to access the cold brew drinks, you can select the snowflake button from the control panel.

The touchscreen gives the Z10 a perfect modern look and ease of programming even for impaired vision. Like the old Z8, it also has a rotator switch for easy programming. It lights up blue when in use.

Can I control Z10 through my mobile?

Yes, you can operate Z10 via your smartphone. How? I’ll discuss it in the coming paragraphs. So keep reading my Jura Z10 review.

Bean Hopper/ Built-in Grinder(P.R.G)

The journey of coffee making starts with a generous bean hopper with a capacity of 280g beans for fresh grinding. In addition, there comes an air-tight lid to protect the beans from getting stale.

The brew unit draws all the moisture from coffee beans and throws the dry pucks into the bean holder.

Next, the new masterpiece of Jura, Z10, has a smart built-in grinder that works on artificial intelligence. Product Recognizing Grinder (PRG)- High-performance, an electronically controlled grinder that automatically adjusts the consistency of the grind depending on the drink of your choice.

Additionally, the grinder is smart enough to recognize whether you’re brewing hot espresso or going for cold brew. It will grid the fresh beans by using the Plus Extraction process and Cold Extraction Process, respectively. 

What’s PRG?

For an espresso shot, very fine grinding is required, while coarse is used for cold brew, Thanks to the Product Process Grinder (PRG), adjustment is automatic with the aroma selection feature. So no fretting about adjusting the grinding for a coffee connoisseur.

This stainless steel burr grinder works amazingly fast. This Burr grinder comes with 15 settings for grinding. During grinding, it uses the PEP to maximize the aroma and taste of hot coffee. On the other hand, it works through CEP to brew iced coffee with fantastic taste.

What are PEP and CEP Methods?

Both brewing methods make Jura proud of its inventions for giving a barista experience at home. Stay with me for a detailed discussion about the best automatic espresso machine with grinder and milk frother.

Hot and Cold Brew Process of Jura Z10

Showing the cold brew system of Jura Z10
Cold Brew/ Jura Z10 Review

Want to know the best part?—–The most important part of any automatic machine is always its brew unit. A brew unit determines the quality of drinks that the machine claims to offer. Fortunately, Z10 uses an advanced eighth-generation brewing unit.

In addition to the eighth-generation brewing unit, z10 uses 3D brewing technology. It ensures the even flow of water through the coffee ground at multiple layers and levels.

Why a 3D brewing unit? Let me discuss it now in my Jura Z10 review

This new 3D technology enhances the aroma of cold brewing and hot coffee. An aromatic cup of coffee is surely a dream of every drinker, thanks to 3D brewing technology that makes more aroma.

Furthermore, Juraz10 uses an Intelligent pre-brew Aroma System (I.P.B.A.S.) to maximize the aroma. All magic happens before brewing, so the result stuns you when you get a sip of your coffee. 

But you know what else?– Z10 includes the new Product Recognizing Grinder(P.R.G.) to ensure the next level grind for each coffee preparation process. This amazing feature puts Z10 at the top of the list of super-automatic espresso machines.

Most importantly, this P.R.G. grinder adjusts the setting according to the drink of your choice in a quick way that can’t be done manually. Like all other Jura’s super-automatic espresso coffee makers, this burr grinder ranges from very fine to coarse.

The astonishing thing is its automatic adjustment for each product that you select. So no hassle on the drinker’s part because Jura z10 will do it for you.  

Now consider the Espresso shot. Is it a good experience? To cut the details short, Z10 maintains the quality of the rich espresso shot that Jura claims. Z10 gives a rich aromatic mouthfeel of an espresso shot, thanks to the Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.).

What’s the Pulse Extraction Process?

Unlike other automatic machines, Jura uses a Stainless Steel Burr Grinder. What’s special in Burr Grinder? Burr Grinder has multiple blades or cuts to give fine grinding within no time. In this process, water gets through the beans and makes them wet before brewing.

This pre-brewing wet process ensures the rich extraction of taste and flavor from each whole fresh bean to increase the quality of coffee Pulse Extraction Process is something innovative that Jura offers in its super-automatic espresso machines.

Like most super-automatic espresso machines, does Z10 make iced coffee by cooling the hot coffee?

Here’s the secret about Z10—it uses a different way for cold brew coffee by using an exclusive cold extraction process. I will explore it in the coming section of the Jura Z10 review.

What’s the Exclusive Cold Extraction Process?

The exclusive Cold Extraction Process gives a genuine cup of cold brew coffee. The process works the same as P.E.P. used for the rich and hot espresso shots. In the Cold Extraction Process, cold water is pulsed through the coarsely ground at high pressure.

In this process, water slowly goes through the coarsely ground coffee at high pressure. So, the true, energizing, and refreshing iced coffee with a fruity aroma is prepared. You can enjoy 8 different cold brew specialties.

Tips for the best in cold brew

Jura Z10 produces a truly cool iced brew: espresso, Cortado, Caffè latte lungo, or any drink that is slightly sweeter.

If you love super colder coffee, I suggest adding chunks of ice to your cup before brewing. You’ll get a different colder iced brew by following this tip in 2 minutes.

What if you like an iced cappuccino or Latte?–you can get this by cooling down the milk temperature. Chuck some whiskey rocks or ice cubes into your glass before adding milk. You’ll get a delicious chilled milk-based beverage. Have fun!! 

But hang on! I like some occasional decaf; does Z10 offer it?

Good for you– Z10 has everything coffee-based that you can wish for. Read the complete Jura Z10 review to get further details.

Bypass Doser

Z10 comes with a bypass doser used for pre-ground coffee. Behind the bean hopper, there’s a chute where you can put the scoop of pre-ground coffee. Now you can drink any coffee brand of your choice if you want to taste something other than fresh beans. 

Alert: Remember one thing, never use pre-ground coffee for cold brew because PRG won’t recognize grind size. And you will get either mere thin and watery or over-extracted and bitter iced coffee. On the other hand, pre-ground coffee is super cool for hot coffee.

Milk Frothing

Showing the milk frothing system of Jura Z10
Jura Z10 Milk Frothing

There’s no other question about the quality of foam that the Jura machines produce. Z10 follows the same tradition by making creamy and delicious airy cappuccino foam. You can also customize your milk temperature in up to 10 different settings. However, there’s no latte art functionality in present generations.

Additionally, you can measure the milk quantity in seconds rather than in ml or g, that’s more feasible in my perception. Moreover, in seconds you can use it quickly.

You can get 6ml hot milk in 1 second and 4-5g foam in 1 second; though it’s hard to measure the foam in volumes, it may help.  So, enjoy this fully automatic cappuccino and latte machine with convenience to use.

So, you can enjoy your milk beverages anytime by connecting the milk nozzle to your milk container. To be honest– one thing that annoys me a bit is that Z10 doesn’t come with a milk container. 

You have to pay $40 for a regular container, and if you want Jura’s fancy and advanced container, the price would be $300 or so. Although it’s pricy, it will keep your milk chilled.

Coffee Quality/ Performance

Regardless of all bells and whistles, hot espresso is damn rich and flavorful–it’s true, by the way. Z10 makes every cup of joe fantastic thanks to the Pulse Extraction Process and the new Product Recognizing Grinder.

But you know what else?– You can enjoy 32 pre-selected drinks, including hot espresso to cold espresso brew. You can have varied drinks, from traditional decaf to trendy cortado and creamy milk foam to flat white coffee.

What about a cup of cold brew on a warm day? But you don’t want to get outside to have a coffee from a local Starbucks– here’s the point when Jura z10 is handy. You can brew your iced coffee at home without compromising the taste.

Again, in short, the taste of coffee mainly depends on the beans you’re using. So try to purchase quality beans to get a better taste.

One thing about all super-automatic espresso machines is that you don’t have much control over the milk and foam that a steam wand gives.

Can I adjust the coffee spouts according to the size of my cup?

Yes, The spout height is adjustable from 3” to 5.9”.

Coffee Spout: Jura Z10 Review

You can adjust the coffee spout height and width to accommodate your cup for further ease. Z10 has a milk spout in the center of two coffee spouts, so there’s no need to move your cup for milk-based drinks.

You can also adjust two coffee spouts to make two cups simultaneously. Further, the coffee spout can be adjusted from 3” to 5.9”.This feature adds more value to easy brewing.

Drip Tray and Bean Holder

Like all Jura super-automatic espresso coffee makers, the Z10 comes with a beautifully designed drip tray with a bean holder. The drip tray is basically for placing the cup or glass evenly. Moreover, it holds any coffee or milk residue to keep your counter clean.

Then there comes a bean holder that holds the dry pucks. You can easily remove the drip tray and bean holder and align them after washing.

Tip: Jura’s machines are Eco-friendly so you can use these coffee pucks in your flower plants.

Jura Z10 Review: Water Reservoir

As I mentioned earlier, the Z10 isn’t a small appliance, and the thing that makes it large enough is its 2.5-liter water tank. It means you don’t need to refill the water tank before every brewing.

Moreover, this water tank is nicely designed in a wave-like texture, is fitted on the side of the machine, and lights up blue when used. It can be removed easily with the help of an integrated handle. Before starting the machine, fill the water tank with your filtered cold tap water.

When you first set up the Z10 for coffee making, it will ask about the hardness of your tap water so that it can adjust the settings according to the softness of the water. You can check the hardness of water with a test strip included in the Z10 box.

Did You Know??

Z10 will revolutionize the water filtration system by using I.W.S. If you use Jura’s CLEARYL filter, there won’t be any need to descaling the machine because z10 will do that by itself. This filter works with RIFD technology that detects the process automatically.

Do I need to wash Z10 manually?

No, you’re using a super-automatic machine that will give you a cup of coffee at the touch of your fingertip. And it’s smart enough to rinse itself without demanding any extra effort.

Maintainance: Jura Z10 Review

Jura z10 Maintenance
Jura Z10 Maintenance

Though a super-automatic espresso maker gives you a one-click solution, it’s too sensitive to its maintenance. By the way, it’s obvious that these machines need proper cleaning for long-term use.

Get scared?– no need to worry when you have Jura Z10 on your counter space. Z10 uses a lot of water in cleaning thanks to a 2.5l water tank that holds enough water to clean it properly at the end of the day. 

Do I have to keep an eye on the water tank and when to fill it?

 Water is the most important ingredient not only in the coffee-making process but also in maintaining the machine. So there should be some water all the time to avoid running out of water.

Therefore Z10 uses Intelligent Water System (I.W.S) to inform you when to refill the water tank and bean hopper. Further, it also detects when to replace the filter. Again the filter cartridge is used by Z10 suites for every tap water. This filter removes all the impurities from water to improve the taste of coffee.

How to clean Jura Z10?

YouTube video
How to Clean Jura Z10

Jura Z10 cleans the milk system after every use. For proper cleaning, Jura offers its Cleaning Tables; simply put this detergent in the pre-ground chute. The Brew unit of Z10 is fixed, so you can’t remove it for manual cleaning.

Though the manufacturer gave much attention to its maintenance, you should wash the milk hose properly for better taste. The drip tray and bean hopper can be dismantled to wash by hand. 

Although both of these parts are dishwasher safe, I recommend handing wash just because of their sensitivity. 

Jura Z10 is Mobile-Friendly

Jura Z10 Joe app

Z10 is a fully automatic coffee machine with a touch screen. It allows you to program your machine from the comfort of your bed. Isn’t it cool? Z10 comes with a Smart Connect enabled via the J.O.E.® app. By connecting the Z10 via Smart Connect Bluetooth, you can use it by downloading the Jura app.

For further ease, Z10 knows SIRI, so you can command Siri to assist you in making your drinks. No doubt, this feature is handy for a person with impaired vision.

How to Troubleshoot Jura Z10: Things to Look Before Using It

Let’s discuss the problems and solutions in my Jura Z10 cold brew review. If you’re having problems with your Jura Z10 espresso machine, troubleshooting can help you figure out what’s going wrong and find solutions to common issues. I have a step-by-step guide that can assist you in troubleshooting the machine.

Make sure that the machine is securely plugged into a working power outlet. And verify if the power switch has been turned on. Please make sure that all cables and connections are properly secured.

Next, ensure the water reservoir is filled with clean, filtered water and correctly inserted and positioned.

Make sure you have an adequate amount of coffee beans in the hopper. Verify if the grinder is working correctly and not stuck. Ensure that the pre-ground coffee you use is not too finely ground, as it can cause the system to clog.

The brew group and drip tray are important components of the coffee machine. So, make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to remove and clean the brew group. Empty and clean the drip tray regularly to prevent any error messages caused by a full tray.

Tip: If you’re experiencing persistent issues, a factory reset might help. Consult your manual for instructions on how to perform a reset.

If the machine tells you it needs to be descaled, just follow the instructions in the manual to descale it. It helps to prevent the buildup of minerals.

To resolve this issue, you can try running water through the system. Occasionally, air bubbles can become trapped in the water lines. Try running water through the hot water or steam wand to get rid of airlocks.

Jura Z10 Vs Other Super Automatic Espresso Machines

Let’s compare the Jura Z10 with other coffee machines.

Jura Z10 VS Z8

Both machines belong to Jura’s Z series and are highly competitive super-automatic. Z8 is runner-up among the Z series with all luxuries in this price tag. Z8 has its class, as it’s one of the higher-priced machines.

Z8 has all the possible features and functions that a super-automatic espresso machine has to make a fantastic coffee.

On the other hand, Z10 wins by introducing cold brew for the first time in the history of automatic coffee makers. Z10 justifies its hefty tag by offering 32 coffee specialties, including 8 cold brew drinks, so if you love a cup of iced coffee, grab Z10 now!

Jura Z10 vs Breville Oracle Touch

The Oracle Touch is one of the classy espresso machines. Oracle makes its mark among automatic espresso machines with a beautiful touch display and elegant spout design. With a weight of 37 lbs, it’s not a small machine.

The coffee quality that Z10 and Oracle Touch offer is matchless, but again Z10 leads all super-automatic espresso machines by offering cold brew specialty coffees. Read my Breville Oracle Toch Review and compare the Jura Z10 review.

Jura Z10 vs E8

The Z10 and E8 are Jura’s most luxurious and top-of-the-line coffee machines. Both espresso machines offer high-quality coffee with innovative features.

Both Super-automatic espresso machines include a modern design and color touchscreen display. They offer various specialty drinks by utilizing Jura’s advanced brewing technology.

In short, both models provide high-quality coffee, but with different focuses. The Z10 emphasizes specialty drinks and advanced features, while the E8 aims to balance quality and affordability. Make your selection based on what you like and how much you want to spend.

Don’t Buy Jura Z10 if…

Let me give my honest Jura Z10 cold brew review. If you’re not interested in iced coffee. Jura Z10 fully automatic espresso machine aluminum white comes with a hefty tag, so buy it if you enjoy holding a cup of cold brew on warm days. So if you’re happy with your hot specialty coffees, you can go for some less expensive Jura machines. 

Read all the best Jura coffee machines to have a good one on your counter space.

Verdict: Jura Z10 Review

Wrapping up all the points mentioned above in my Jura Z10 review, I suggest you trust the Swiss brand and its manufacturing abilities, as no other brand pays as meticulous attention to each feature of the super-automatic espresso machine as the Jura pays.

Further, after a successful experiment of P.EP, I.P.B.A.S, and I.W.S, Z10 comes with a new venture of Exclusive Cold Extraction Process and Product Recognizing Grinder (PRG). 

A few years ago, you could imagine being your own barista at home and enjoying hot and cold brew coffee at the push of a button. After using Z10, you will feel how your dreams come true!!

5 star Customer review on Amazon
5-star Customer Review on Amazon

Z10 is a highly valuable asset for a coffee drinker; you will skip going to your Starbucks every morning or evening. You can have your hot and cold brew with just a push of a button.Z10 is packed with advanced technology that leaves no stone unturned in making a perfect sip.

Jura Z10 has been a new venture among coffee makers since 2021. It’s creating hype among coffee lovers. The number of positive reviews is increasing day by day.

Yes, Z10 offers the facility of operating through Smart Connect. You can handle it with your smartphone. Moreover, Z10 knows Siri; you can give Siri your assistance to order the machine.

Yes, the Jura Z10 can be controlled with Jura’s app, which allows you to program drinks, customize settings, and even order supplies from your phone.

Yes, the Jura Z10 has a wide range of customization options, allowing you to adjust your coffee drinks’ strength, volume, and temperature. You can also save your personalized settings as a favorite for easy access in the future.

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