Jura D6 Review: An Affordable Luxury By An Expensive Brand

Jura D6 is an affordable espresso-focused automatic machine with the least bells and whistles.

D6, a small kitchen appliance with a sleek design and clear text display, makes a damn rich and robust espresso.

This budget-friendly automatic coffee machine pushed me to write a Jura D6 review to investigate its functionality and durability. D6 is a Swiss-based entry-level automatic espresso machine going to replace the previous budget range.

Let’s explore whether Jura D6 is only less expensive or if it has any features worth buying.

An Overview of Jura D6

The D6 replaces Jura’s previous budget-friendly models, the C60 and C65. As far as functionality is concerned, D6 is identical to Jura E6.

So what’s it all about?

This bean-to-cup machine is good for your household or small office to make a perfect espresso shot and an occasional cappuccino. Furthermore, if you’re looking for the ease of turning a rotary switch or clicking a button to program your coffee with a whole entry-level vibe, this is right for you.

It includes Jura’s Pulse Extraction Process to give you a rich aromatic cup of espresso. It also uses a tube-type milk frother for a cappuccino. Jura D6 gives hot espresso with adjustable volume and strength. Essentially it cleans itself.

Drink List of Jura D6: Jura D6 Review

  • Espresso / 2 x Espresso  
  • Espresso doppio 
  • Coffee / 2 x Coffee 
  • Cappuccino
  •  Portion milk foam 
  • Hot water

Jura D6 Review

Jura D6, with its luxurious look and features, offers 6 specialty coffees in a few simple steps. It has a clear, plain text display, making it easy to use.D6 gives a perfect espresso shot using an Aroma G2 grinder.

Further, it comes with an easy cappuccino system with fine milk foam. Moreover, Jura D6 rinses itself with an intelligent water system. It uses a water filtration system to remove the impurities from water. This filtered water preserves the taste and freshness of the coffee.

Another handy feature of Jura D6 is its optional smart connect. D6 can be operated with a smartphone or tablet through this smart connection. In short, Jura D6, a basic automatic espresso machine, works efficiently to maximize the quality of coffee drinks.

Design and Build

Jura is known for its sleek and harmonious design philosophy for super-automatic machines. D6 continues the tradition through its luxurious design and build. In addition to its luxurious appearance, D6 is available in a variety of colors.

Jura D6 comes in two versions; D6 15216 Platinum and D6 15215 Piano Black. It’s a comparatively compact coffee machine with dimensions/weight of 9.1 x 9.1 x 9.1 inches/19 lbs. 

Note: Prices may vary based on price on Amazon.

Moreover, Jura D6 comes with a 7oz bean container and 64oz water tank. So, it’s suitable for your kitchen and your small office. Its best performance in affordable price includes it among the best automatic espresso machines in the world.

Display / Jura D6 Review

showing Jura D6 display or programming menu
Jura D6 Display

Jura D6 includes LED with plain text display with a rotary switch for a cappuccino. This digital readout display starts with “P” for the program. So, by pressing the P, you can select your drink among 7 different drink options.

Furthermore, you can adjust the temperature and volume of your drinks. There are 8 settings for adjusting the number of grams—Sounds good?

Any Downside?

A small plain text screen is somewhat wired into the super-automatic machine, but yes, a TFT color display or touchscreen costs you more bucks.

Bean Container/Grinder

First, there comes a bean hopper with the capacity of 7oz fresh beans on the right side of the Jura D6. In addition, the bean hopper has a nice rubber gasket to keep your beans fresh for a longer time.

After filling the bean container, it’s time to grind it nicely. Good for you; Jura D6 comes with a stainless steel burr Aroma G2 grinder. This incorporated G2 grinder ensures the full aromatic flavor of each cup of coffee.

Next, the Aroma G2 grinder has 6 settings that can be 12 by adjusting them. You can select any settings(between drawn dots ) by rotating the knob. Jura always uses a metal Burr grinder for the finest grinding. You can grind from fine grinding to coarse.


D6 uses an Intelligent Water system, so no hassle anymore. It will alert you when to refill the bean hopper and water tank. Furthermore, adjust the settings of the grinder while the machine is working.

But hang on a minute! Although the bypass doser is at the top of the machine, unfortunately, It’s deactivated programmatically. Now, this chute is only used for inserting the cleaning tablets to clean the brewing unit.

Spout Height

Jura D6 is specially designed for an espresso shot, and espresso must be hot enough. True? So, a moveable coffee spout is essential for making a hot espresso as it can be adjusted closer to the cup to preserve the heat.

Plus, D6 has two coffee spouts and one milk spout in the same place, so there is no need to move your cup for a cappuccino. Further, you can adjust these spouts according to the size of your coffee mug.

Although the milk spout is near the coffee spout, you still can’t place and fill a glass of Latte Macchiato without moving it. However, you can place a standard American mug or a glass with an 8cm diameter under both spouts.

Drip Tray/Bean Holder

D6 includes a drip tray and a bean holder, as with all Jura automatic espresso machines. The main faction of a drip tray is to hold any coffee or milk residue inside it. There is a bean holder where the pucks of ground coffee beans are stored.

Additionally, both these elements are removable and dishwasher. These two are luxurious yet useful features.

You should empty the waste bean holder after 16 brewing.

Water Reservoir

So, it’s obvious that water is an important ingredient in coffee-making. Water is also necessary for the good maintenance of an automatic coffee maker. Here, Jura D6 comes with a large water tank with a capacity of 64oz.

What makes this water reservoir special is its capacity to hold water. 1.9 l liters means you can prepare your coffee daily if you’re a regular drinker. D6 uses a lot of water during its cleaning cycle, so you must refill it at the end of the day.

Besides this, all the best Jura coffee machines use soft or filtered water to preserve the taste of your coffee. For this, the D6 will ask you to check the hardness of your tap water to set your machine accordingly. 

A test strip is included in the bundle of the Jura machine. And if you don’t use any filter, you must descale the machine after using it.

Jura D6 uses a CLEARYL filter connected to RIFD technology. This technology is called an intelligent water system. Due to this technology, your machine becomes smart enough to inform you when to replace the filter cartridge and refill the water tank or bean hopper. That’s when it hit me while writing my Jura D6 review.

Brewing Process

Do you drink coffee for the taste or because you need a pick-me-up? Well, In any case, you need a perfect espresso shot. Right?

Admittedly—Jura D6 uses a special method of espresso brewing. Jura invented a new way of brewing to get the maximum flavor and aroma from fresh whole beans. Jura’s super-automatic machines use Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P).

Jura D6 brewing system
Espresso Brewing/Jura D6 Review

What’s PEP Technology?

A super-automatic machine works through 15- bar pump by Invensys to force the water for brewing the coffee. This technology extracts the taste and flavor of ground bean pucks in a creamy liquid substance.

So here’s the point when you get a thick, consistent, and blanched espresso coffee—sounds good?

What about capacity?

It seems Jura is on a mission to facilitate its users, so another perk of this brand is enough capacity of the brewing unit – up to 5 to 16 grams – can be accommodated in D6.

Jura D6 comes with a fixed brew group, so you can’t remove it. This feature has both pros and cons. Having a fixed brew unit means no chance of misalignment after removing it. A downside is that you can’t clean and lubricate it manually.

And another thing– Aroma G2 Burr Grinder, with multiple layers of a metal blade, crushes the beans fine and fast. The aroma G2 grinder preserves the aroma and flavor of the coffee. It has 12 adjustable settings, and you can set it between too fine or coarse.

Just imagine— in less than 40 minutes, you can have your hot espresso shot, thanks to 1450 – a watt thermoblock heat system.

Jura D6 frothing milk
Milk- Frothing

Jura D6 includes a cappuccino system and a tube-based milk system. This tube sucks the milk from the container and froths it afterward. By the way— cappuccino is fantastic with a rich foamy texture, Thanks to Fine Foam Frother with an open switch operating concept.

The cool thing is— You can regulate the volume of milk foam in seconds( 3 to 60 sec). 

Drink Quality

As an affordable automatic espresso machine, Jura D6 offers fewer drink options than high-end coffee machines. That means you can prepare a perfect regular coffee, espresso, and cappuccino, but if you’re a latte lover, D6 isn’t for you.

Although the manufacturer of Jura D6 claims 7 specialty coffees, honestly– the machine prepares 5 specialty coffees: Espresso, Coffee, Cappuccino, Frothed milk, and Hot water. I don’t count double drinks like double coffee and double espresso as specialty coffee.

The good news is, though Jura D6 offers fewer drink options for espresso and cappuccino lovers, D6 can be a perfect choice.

Moreover, the rotary switch makes it a more handy and reliable espresso machine. You can adjust the coffee volume between 4 different strength options and 2 different temperatures.

As I mentioned, Jura D6 has no option for decaf as it doesn’t come with a bypass doser. Realty is D6 is a super-automatic machine that uses fresh whole beans to brew a perfect cup of coffee. 

YouTube video
Jura D6 Review


Another thing, this super-automatic espresso machine will rinse itself once it’s been used. This super-automatic machine is too sensitive to its maintenance. The secret is— regular maintenance is essential for any machine to operate properly.

Besides this, for a better taste of every sip, you need to clean it after every use, especially after milk-based drinks. That’s why Jura recommends its Cleaning tablet solution to remove all the impurities from water and milk tube.

Once you make your cappuccino or milk foam, the machine will wait for 10 minutes. Then an alert for cleaning the milk system will appear on the plain text display. So you have to program the machine for cleaning. 

Additionally, Jura provides cleaning detergent for properly cleaning the milk system. As the brew unit is not detachable, you have to trust the machine for the quality of cleanliness.

It’s recommended to clean the milk tube at the end of the day so that any leftover milk couldn’t make taste sour. If you can’t wait for 10 minutes to start the cleaning cycle automatically, you can start it manually.

Then again, D6 competes with high-tech and expensive models by using a water filtration system. The water filtration system works on an intelligent Water system, which is incorporated into highly expensive machines.

With this I.W.S., the machine will inform you when to clean it, when to change the filter, and refill the water tank. 

 The machine uses a lot of water for its maintenance, so you have to fill the water tank daily, by the way, thanks to the capacity of the water tank (1.9 l).

Jura D6: A Mobile-Friendly Espresso Machine

Jura D6 Bluetooth connectivity
smart Bluetooth device

Sometimes you all need to do is work from your comfort zone. What about a cup of joe without any hassle of operating the machine? Getting a cup of espresso by using your smartphone?

It’s that simple— connect your Jura coffee maker with a smart Bluetooth device, and download Jura’s J.O.E. app. Now you’re able to program your machine through your smartphone or tablet.

Sounds easy enough. But– you need to put the cup under the spout, move and remove the cup by yourself. From a technical point of view, smart connect is a handy feature, especially for those with impaired vision.

How to Use the Jura D6 Automatic Espresso Machine?

Jura D6 review can’t be comprehensive without discussing how to use D6. One thing that all automatic espresso machines have in common is their ease of use. Jura D6 is also quite easy and simple to use.

 Now that you’ve set it up as per the user manual, it’s time to turn it on.

Before getting started, set your machine according to the hardness of your water. Your coffee will taste better if your water is softer. Next, fill the bean hopper with fresh beans.

Next, turn the rotary switch to choose your desired drink and press the button to begin brewing (press twice for two cups). Jura D6 will fill your cup with delicious coffee using the pulse extraction process.

D6 works differently for a cappuccino. First, select the cappuccino, then switch the water to milk. Finally, place the tube in the milk mug. The machine will add foamy milk to your cup.

The next display will prompt you to connect the milk switch back to the water. D6 will now fill your cup with coffee. Here you go; your cappuccino with professional foamy milk is ready. Have fun!!

Jura D6 vs Other Coffee Machines

Let’s draw a comparison in my Jura D6 review to get an idea of how far D6 is a good choice.

Jura D6 vs. Jura E6

  • Jura D6 and Jura E6 are super auto machines capable of providing cafe-quality coffee at home. Here is a quick comparison of both machines.
  • Jura D6 comes with an L.E.D. display with plain text, while E6 has a TFT color screen with side buttons.
  • D6 has a bean hopper with a capacity of 7oz beans; however, E6 has a 10oz capacity.
  • Both come with milk frother, but E6 makes frothing better than D6.
  • D6 is a bit louder than E6, as E6 uses an aroma G3 grinder which is comparatively faster and quieter.

Common features of Jura D6 and E6

  • Jura D6 and E6 allow you to make your drinks customized as both are programmable machines.
  • Both are super-auto coffee machines with intelligent water technology to detect whether water is filtered.
  • They have a Pulse Extraction Process feature to extract more aroma and flavor from fresh beans.
  • Both automatic coffee makers are mobile-friendly and easy to use.
  • Jura D6 and E6 both have a water reservoir with a capacity of 1.9 l water. 

Now you can make an informed decision based on your needs and budget (D6 is less expensive than E6).

Jura D6 Vs Philips LatteGo 3200

  • Jura D6 has a plain text screen, while Philips LatteGo 3200 has buttons.
  • Jura D6 uses I.W.S and P.E.P for barista-quality coffee, while 3200 uses a ceramic burr grinder, which comes with expensive models.
  • D6 can be operated through the Jura app, while 3200 doesn’t give this user-friendly option.
  • D6 and 3200 almost come with a similar footprint.
  • Philps 3200 has a removable brew unit, whereas D6 has a fixed one.

Although Both offer the same drinks, the thing that makes the 3200 more demanding than D6 is its less price tag.

Jura D6 vs Delonghi Dinamica

It’s no secret that Jura and Delonghi are top-rated brands when it comes to super-automatic espresso machines.

  • Both have almost similar features like stainless steel burr grinder, drink options, and text display.
  • Next, for milk-based drinks, D6 has a cappuccinatore, while Delonghi has a steam pipe to steam the milk manually as per requirement.
  • Moreover, D6 offers a perfect espresso shot, while Delonghi is known for its iced coffee. 

However, D6 is an affordable coffee machine as compared to Delonghi Dinamica.

 Value For Money: Jura D6 Review

Jura offers an entry-level machine, D6, at a price that’s equal to some higher-end super-automatic machines like De’Longhi or Saeco. Why Jura tends to be an expensive brand?

Jura is a European-based brand known for its durability while competitors are manufactured in China. You’re simply paying a few extra bucks for years of service. 

Moreover, Jura never compromises on its design philosophy. From entry to premium level, all Jura machines come with a sleek, harmonious, and classy appearance.D6 has the same luxurious look, which enhances the decorum of your kitchen.

Things that I like in D6 are:

  • Its drink customization options
  • It’s easy to maintain and use
  • Its luxurious look
  • It’s mobile-friendly
  • It can brew two cups at once
  • It’s budget-friendly with high-tech features  as compared to Jura’s premium coffee machine

Things that I don’t like:

  • The bypass chute is missing for pre-ground coffee
  • It can’t prepare Latte
  • No TFT screen with graphics
Don’t Buy Jura D6 If… Honest Jura D6 Review
  • You want more drink options like Latte, Macchiato, etc
  • You love to a have cup of decaf in the evening
  • Espresso is your only interest
Verdict: Jura D6 Review

My final comment on the Jura D6 review is that it might be worth considering if you’re looking for something affordable and luxurious at the same time. It gives all essential drink options with ease of use. Further, you can control it through your smartphone. In short, the D6 can be your companion for years if espresso is your thing.


Jura D6 comes with a bit louder grinder as compared to other fully automatic espresso machines of the same brand. However, it’s less noisy than Philips LatteGo 3200 while grinding. Regardless of this tweak, D6 is still a good option for an espresso lover.

Yes. Jura D6 prepares a full-bodied strong espresso. Jura’s PEP technology puts its super-automatic machines at the forefront of the most advanced espresso-making machines.

Although D6 offers delicious cappuccino, it’s not possible to make a Latte. D6 has a single frothing setting that you can’t modify. However, it gives delicious milk foam. 

Cleaning a super-automatic espresso machine is quite easy. Follow the instructions on the display screen. First, remove the drip tray, empty the bean container, and place them back after washing. Place a mug under the spout. 

The Brew unit is fixed, and the machine will rinse it thanks to the automatic cleaning cycle. Add Jura’S cleaning detergent into the funnel and press the maintenance symbol. Lastly, empty and wash the drip tray when the machine stops cleaning. Now it’s all done!

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