Refurbished Espresso Machines – How To choose and Where To Buy

Do you ever think of saving your money by using Refurbished espresso machines? Should you go for a used machine instead of a refurbished espresso machine? What is the difference between both types, and how to choose the right option? You also may be wondering where to purchase these refurbished machines.

I will answer all your queries in the coming sections in depth so that you can decide to purchase perfect refurbished espresso machines, AKA ‘2nd hand machines’.

Define Refurbished Espresso Machines

In simple and short words, Refurbished Espresso Machines are those machines that have been returned to the manufacturer or seller due to a defect or other issue, then repaired and restored to a like-new condition.

Refurbished Espresso Machines are reconditioned, remanufactured, or renewed espresso machines. These machines are exactly like a good-conditioned used car that can save money if you choose the right one. 

The main problem in purchasing such machines is knowing you’re getting a valuable thing, not a lemon. To get this knowledge, you must search thoroughly about the dealers or resellers. To save you time, I’ve listed trusted resources from where you can refurbish espresso machines at affordable prices.

Why Buy Used Espresso Machines?

The answer is quite simple. Because you can’t live without having a cup of strong espresso in the morning, but you’re running out of the budget right now. So a reasonable solution is to go for refurbished espresso machines.

Although there is almost no warranty and surety of the proper functionality of these second-hand machines, the affordable price tag is a real motivation for choosing them.

Moreover, you can use your machine for years by buying from a trusted reseller. Here’s a list of trusted online dealers of refurbished espresso machines.

Best Sites to purchase Refurbished Espresso Machines

If you’re in a hurry, here’s a glance at the best sites for buying refurbished espresso machines.

  1. 1st In Coffee – Best known for Jura espresso makers
  2. Whole Latte Love – Recommended for Gaggia and Deloghi brands
  3. Settle Coffee Gear – Known for Delonghi, Philips, Miele, and Saeco espresso makers.
  4. Espresso Machine Experts– provides home espresso machines
  5. Breville Official – Famous for Best Refurbishes Breville Espresso Machines

Before digging up the details about these sites, let’s look deeply at the concept of refurbished espresso machines.

What are Exactly Refurbished Espresso Machines?

Suppose you purchased a new espresso machine, but when you unboxed the machine, you find a defect or any other issue. You’ll return the machine to the dealer or manufacturer in that case.

The manufacturer will thoroughly inspect all the machine parts to identify the issue. After identifying the problem, the machine will be repaired, cleaned, and restored to its original condition.  

The plus point of these repaired machines is that they’re typically more affordable than new machines.

There are also some minor drawbacks of such machines. In a refurbished espresso machine, you may not get an original box packaging or any extra essentials like a test strip to check the hardness of the water.

Furthermore, during refurbishing, the machine can get minor scratches or blemishes. So, you’ve to compromise the beautification of these machines. But again, when you’re getting a high-end machine with a lower price tag, these minor drawbacks can be compromised.

Some General Steps of a Refurbished Process

Although the refurbished process may vary depending on the manufacturer or seller, here’s a general process of refurbishing espresso machines.

Thoroughly Inspection of the machine by dissembling its different parts to examine.

Deep-Cleaning is the second step to remove dirt, grime, or build-up. Sometimes these build-ups clogged the machine to functioning properly. For this process, descaling or special cleaning solutions are used.

After deep cleaning, if the issue still exists, then repair or replacement of defective components is started. Manufacturers replace all damaged or worn parts with new parts, such as valves, heating elements, or gaskets.

After repair, the machine undergoes a testing phase. This step involves running test cycles to verify the machine produces consistent and high-quality espresso.

And the final step is a refinishing step in which the look and design of the machine get re-painted or re-polished to remove any blemishes.

Finally, after all this process, a refurbished machine looks like a like-new machine and is ready to sell at a lower price.

YouTube video
The Process of Refurbishing Espresso Machine

The process of refurbishing is cool, but again the question arises about how to choose a used machine that can fulfill your needs.

How to Choose a Used or Refurbished Espresso Machine

So, you’ve decided to buy a used machine to save money. Right? But what if you’re again wasted if you get a malfunctioning used machine? So, to save you time and money, I will enlist some important points to remember while purchasing your refurbished espresso machine.

Choose the right Brand first. Many brands are in the market, so make sure which suits you best. Also, check what type of espresso machine you want to have.

The next important point to consider is the “condition” of the refurbished espresso machine. Examine the machine carefully for any major scratches, dents, or rust. Also, check the history of the machine for how long it has been used and how it was maintained.

For further convincing, check out all the necessary features of the machine, such as a steam wand, water filtration system, etc. Read the article for more information about the features of espresso machines.

The next important point to ponder is price. You should know the price of a new machine to compare it with a used machine. Moreover, do some research about different resellers and their price tags.

Warranty provides additional peace of mind. So, ensure your seller provides a warranty card with the refurbished espresso machine.

And finally, a reputed seller matters a lot in this journey. Check the previous records, customers’ reviews, and customer services before buying a machine.

These are the main points to keep in mind when searching for refurbished espresso machines. Now I will provide complete details about trusted resources from where you can get a properly functioning espresso machine.

Further, you can get an affordable option like espresso machines under $500.

5 Best and Most Reliable Sites for Refurbished Espresso Machines

1st in Coffee – 1st in list

1st in coffee a site for refurbished espresso machines
1st in Coffee

Let’s start with the most reliable and trusted sellers in the world of an online presence. Ist in Coffee has a wide selection of refurbished espresso machines from brands like Jura, Delonghi, and Saeco.

1st in Coffee is a company established in 2002 in New Jersey that offers remote services at your door. They offered fully inspected, repaired, tested, and restored to like-new condition.

Another plus point of this company is their full warranty on all refurbished espresso machines. On their website, you can get a dedicated page for Jura Machines. If you’ve decided on a brand new Jura espresso machine, check out my Jura S8 review, a great investment.

Moreover, they ship free if you purchase for up to $50


  • Wide selection of coffee and espresso machines
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Easy-to-Navigate website


  • Some customers are not satisfied with customer support.

Overall, 1st in Coffee is a reliable and trustworthy retailer of refurbished coffee makers. Their machines are high-quality and reliable. Whether you’re a coffee aficionado or a casual coffee drinker looking for a great deal, 1st in Coffee is a great place to start your search.

Whole Latte Love

screenshot of whole latte love website for refurbished espresso machines
Whole latte Love

No other words than a full package of knowledge and service about Whole Latte Love. Founded in 1997, Whole Latte Love has a real love for coffee makers. They provide a wide range of refurbished coffee machines, and you can find them on your mobile screen.

At Whole Latte Love, you can find a trusted team for guidance who claim for like-new used machines. So can trust them as they’re confident about the functionality of their machines.

The point I like most about Whole Latte Love is their excellent customer service. Whenever you visit their site and try to chat with their live agent, you get a prompt response, which is valuable for a customer.

Like 1st in Coffee, they also ship free for over $50.


  • Has a wide range of options
  • Excellent response service
  • Variety in price tags


  • 30 days for returns.
  • Limited warranty for 6 months

In short, You can get many good options at Whole Latte Love if you’re looking for a reliable source to buy a used espresso maker.

Seattle Coffee Gear

screenshot of the Seattle Coffee Gear website for used espresso makers
Seattle Coffee Gear

Seattle Coffee Gear is a well-known online retailer of coffee and espresso machines, and they also offer a selection of refurbished espresso machines.

Seattle Coffee Gear can also assist you in hunting the best-refurbished espresso machines. They are offering like-new used machines that are factory restored.

The best thing that I like the most is their discount policy. They often give $50 or $100 off offers not only for small products, but you can avail for high-end machines too.

If I talk about their warranty, they offer a warranty for months, but you can extend it at cost. They don’t offer used machines that aren’t refurbished or in good condition.

Although Seattle Coffee Gear doesn’t offer many coffee makers, they offer powerful used coffee gear. So, you can visit their website and choose the espresso machine that suits you.


  • Offers High-prized refurbished machines
  • Excellent service
  • Extend Warranty


  • Limited Options

To conclude, Seattle Coffee Gear is a name of trust for refurbished espresso machines. You can visit their user-friendly site to gather more information and to buy your espresso maker.

Espresso Machine Experts

screen shot of Espresso Machine Experts website for refurbished espresso machines
Espresso Machine Experts website for Refurbished Espresso Machines

The real power behind Espresso Machine Experts is its founder Luciano Iarusso. This company has old roots and was founded in 1987.

Espresso Machine Experts are a team of true coffee experts. They also offered a wide range of refurbished espresso machines through their easy-to-use website. They also provide one-to-one live chat through agents on their website.

What attracts me the most is their in-house service, which means they’ve their own-site warranty for factory work. Along with this warranty, they give you 6 month’s warranty offered by the factory. Isn’t it cool?


  • Variety of affordable options
  • Team of Experts
  • In-house refurbished machines.


  • Ship only within the U.S.

For final words about Espresso Machine Experts is that they’re veterans and know the best what they’re doing. So you can trust them and visit their website.

Breville Official Refurbished Espresso Machines

screen shot of Breville Official Refurbished Espresso Machines
Breville Official Refurbished Espresso Machines

What’s more valuable than a manufacturer company itself offering refurbished machines? Certainly heaven. A manufacturer knows all ins and outs of his product better than anyone else.

The services that Breville offers aren’t like those traditional refurbishing machines. Breville offers remanufacturing services. Remanufacturing is a more intensive process involving disassembling the product, cleaning and repairing any damaged or worn-out components, and replacing parts that cannot be restored.

This process is often used in industries such as automotive and heavy equipment, where high levels of quality and reliability are required. So, Brevelle Official manufacturers can assist you with your choice.

They’re giving good customer support; even if your desired machine isn’t available now, you can get a notification right after it comes on the market.


  • High-quality remanufacture espresso machines
  • Good Customer service


  • Limited warranty of 6 months

All the above points summarise that Breville Officials can be the best idea for searching for your used espresso maker. You can trust their services because they’re reputed for their quality machines.

Final Thoughts

As a coffee fan, I enjoy writing and reading about coffee and coffee makers. And experiments are a must. So you too want to have a good experience, go for the best automatic espresso machines.

But if you are out of budget right now, used or refurbished espresso makers can be a good choice. As many people are getting utilized this option so why not you can?

And at the end of all discussions about refurbished espresso machines, I recommend 1st in Coffee for its wide range and high-end products. Have one of your choices and enjoy brewing!


A refurbished espresso machine is a used machine that has been restored to a like-new condition, often by replacing any worn-out or damaged components.

Refurbished espresso machines can be very reliable if they have been properly restored and inspected by a reputable seller.

The cost of refurbished espresso machines can vary widely depending on the machine’s brand, model, and condition. They are generally less expensive than new machines.

Most reputable sellers of refurbished espresso machines will offer a warranty, typically 30 days to 1 year. It’s important to check the warranty terms and conditions before making a purchase.

The lifespan of a refurbished espresso machine will depend on various factors, including the machine’s age, the restoration’s quality, and how well the machine is maintained over time. A refurbished espresso machine can last several years or more with proper care and maintenance.

Before purchasing a refurbished espresso machine, consider your needs and preferences, such as how often you plan to use the machine, what kind of drinks you like to make, and what features are important to you. Additionally, make sure to choose a reputable seller who offers a warranty and customer support.

The return policy for refurbished espresso machines will vary depending on the seller. It’s important to check the return policy before purchasing to ensure you are comfortable with the terms and conditions

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