Jura S8 Review 2023: Is it Still Worth Buying?

How about upgrading your existing Jura coffee machine with a high-end, fully automatic Espresso Machine? Good for you; Jura has an exciting lineup of super-automatic espresso machines from entry-level to premium range.

This time Swiss-based Jura brand comes with S8, a mid-premium machine that fills the gap between the extensive premium offerings and the compact, more affordable options. It can be an excellent choice for years as it offers everything you want in an espresso maker. 

Does S8 rightly claim a list of coffees and ease of navigation with a touch screen to make your perfect cup? I’m here with my comprehensive Jura S8 review and comparison between E8 and S8 so that you can get a consensus opinion on how good it is and know for sure if it is right for you.

Jura S8 Review at a Glance

The Jura S8 is a high-end espresso machine that offers a premium coffee-making experience. It includes advanced features such as a one-touch user interface, customizable coffee strength, and an integrated milk frother. It offers 15 pre-programmed and 15 customized drinks. Eco Friendly and cost-saving super-automatic espresso machine with built-in grinder and milk frothing system.

Summary of Jura E8

The Jura S8 is a high-end espresso machine that offers a premium coffee-making experience. It includes advanced features such as a one-touch user interface, customizable coffee strength, and an integrated milk frother. 

The machine is equipped with Jura’s patented Aroma plus grinder, which helps preserve the delicate flavors and aromas of the coffee beans. It also has a large water tank and bean hopper, making it a great option for households with multiple coffee drinkers.

The Jura S8 is a compact and stylish machine that will elevate any kitchen or coffee bar.

Some Specific Features

S8 freshly brews each cup from whole beans to enrich the taste

S8 is a fully automatic and customizable machine

It offers 15 pre-programmed and 15 customized drinks

It prepares perfect coffees just in 60 seconds at the touch of a button

It produces airy foam for cappuccino and steamed milk for Latte

It is Eco Friendly as it prepares coffee from fresh whole beans

It is Cost saving as it makes you a barista at home

It has 4.5 inches TFT Colorful touchscreen

It includes a 64oz water tank and a 10oz bean container

Jura S8 comes in 3 different colors and has the WiFi capability

Detailed Jura S8 Review

After first looking at the Jura S8, you love to praise the quality of engineering that goes into it. Everything feels premium quality, from the touch-screen, drip tray, and water reservoir to the bean hopper’s lid. 

This kind of attention to detail, combined with exceptional coffee quality, makes it one of the best automatic espresso machines in the world.

Prose and Cons of Jura S8


  • Easy to use
  • Large colorful touchscreen display
  • Customizable drink options
  • Professional aroma G3 grinder
  • Equipped with HP3 milk system
  • Connect through App


  • No intelligent  pre-heating system
  • Expensive

Color and Design

The Jura S8 looks fantastic, with great curves bright and beautiful touchscreen display, and the Chrome plating on the coffee and milk nozzles contrast nicely with the black or silver body. S8 is available in Moonlight Silver, Chrome, or black (the cheapest).

Jura S8 is designed to fit a stylish modern kitchen. Jura does not go for a bright and colorful look; instead, they make sleek and harmonious designs in neutral colors that enlist S8 among the best Jura coffee machines.

To increase the functionality and elegance of design, the Jura s8 has a grooved water tank with a capacity of 64 oz and chrome wrapped cup platform. So, S8 will definitely enhance the luxurious look of your kitchen.

Display of Jura S8

The design philosophy of Jura is to make the machine as easy as possible. The most striking feature of the S8 is the 4.3-inch TFT colorful touchscreen display, making it easy to use and stylish to look at. With a touch of a finger, you can prepare 15 different coffees.

The simple slide-and-swipe concept is designed to help you find what you want. In Addition, Jura S8 also allows for customized coffee preferences which you can easily program with just a few simple steps. This feature helps you to easily modify the name, location, duplication, or transfer of drinks directly from the front screen so that you have a personalized coffee experience every time.

The interaction with S8 through a high-resolution color touchscreen increases its preference over the Jura E8 for those who love the ease of a gentle finger touch. However, there is some news about the less responsiveness of the S8 touchscreen.

Showing touchscreen / Jura S8 Review
Display of S8

Programming the S8

Programming the S8 could be fun if you master it. Let me tell you how to program it easily.

In the corner of the screen, there is a P button for the program, We press it, and it takes you to the files. We have a maintenance file, a product setting file, and a machine setting, and within those files, you can navigate through to set your machine and personalize it perfectly. 

On another side, we have our beautiful coffee selection library where we can scroll through our favorite drinks and program. All you need to do is find your favorite drink and set the temperature, time, and volume.

Jura S8 maximizes the ease of operating by offering the Smart Connect Feature. You can control your S8 through your phone by downloading the Jura App. Your Espresso machine talks to your phone or iPad via Bluetooth, and you can select all the options and save them for later.

Brewing System: Jura S8 Review

The next notable feature of the S8 is the professional aroma G3 grinder. It grinds the beans precisely and is twice as fast as conventional grinders, yet preserves all the delicious aromas

of the coffee beans. The Pulse Extraction Process P.E.P ensures the optimum extraction time for short blacks such as espresso and ristretto and creates excellent coffee.

The S8 has a significant variable brewing unit; you can brew between 5 and 16 grams of coffee in one single shot. It’s a true double shot on the S8, which makes the machine the most competitive as it means double espresso or 2 cups of coffee in a single grind cycle.

The journey of making a perfect joe of coffee starts with a bean hopper having a capacity of 10oz fresh whole beans. The luxurious S8 chrome includes a chrome-plated grinder cover that keeps beans fresh and safe.

Next, a Bypass Doser allows you to use pre-ground coffee. So, if you want to make a decaf or something like that, open the pre-ground chute and put your pre-ground coffee in it; adjust the settings of the finesse of your coffee from the grinder adjustment section.

showing the brewing system of Jura S8 automatic espresso machine
Espresso Brewing

What makes G3 Grinder so Special?

  • Incredibly fast in grinding fresh beans
  • Comparatively quiet with a metal lid
  • Gives rich flavor extraction with the help of PEP
  • Consumes less time while giving double espresso in a single grind cycle

With P.E.P. Pre-infusion introduces water to the coffee pucks before brewing to maximize the taste and aroma. The addition of  PEP in Jura S8 makes it one of the most advanced and top-end models and worth it.

Enjoy your cup of coffee with its rich aroma and delicious flavor as T.S. Eliot used to say;

 I have measured out my life with coffee spoons.

Milk Frothing and Steaming

The next feature I love most about S8 is its foam adjustment lever. You can choose between foamy or steamed milk by turning the adjustment lever up and down. I love flat milk-based drinks more, so when I prepare coffee, after a bit of foam, I adjust the lever for steamed milk and enjoy my coffee.

The other fantastic feature of the S8 is Jura’s HP3 Milk Frothing System. It allows you to make your favorite cup of coffee from 15 pre-programmed or customized drinks. The frothing system of S8 gives flawless fine foam for a latte or a rich airy for a cappuccino.

Furthermore, S8 gives the freedom of moving and adjusting the dual coffee spouts up to 4.5 inches and 6 inches under the coffee and milk spout to the right. To enjoy scalding coffee, you can use Jura’s Cups warmer.

Showing milk system of Jura S8
Milk-Frothing /Jura S8 Review

Cleaning the Milk System

Since the milk system is used for preparing milk-based beverages, the machine will start auto-rinsing. For this, Jura uses its Water Intelligent System (W.I.S). Thanks to the RIFD chip in the CLEARYL filter, that lessens your work.

In addition, the filter is smart enough to keep an eye on the status of the filter and the water. With the help of W.I.S., the machine alerts you when to replace the filter and refill the water tank.

For deep cleaning of the brewing unit, Jura has cleaning tablets. Daily cleanliness of your milk system will sustain the taste of every cup of coffee.

And guess what?

Being a high-tech, fully automatic machine, Jura S8 lets you know about the necessary maintenance. It informs you when to fill the water tank, refill the bean hopper, start the cleaning cycle, and replace the filter.

Can S8 Beat the Coffee Taste of a Cafe?

Let’s discuss the Wow Factor of the Jura S8 review; the quality of the coffee drink. Well, this is the only thing that beats the price tag of the Jura line. It’s pretty natural that after buying an automatic espresso machine at no less price than a gaming laptop, you are eager to have a sip of delicious coffee at home.

In brief, I have discussed the high-tech features of the S8 in this Jura s8 review, i.e., colorful display, G3 grinder, P.E.P, I.W.S, and its sleek design; but honestly speaking, all these advanced features would be trash if they couldn’t give the desired result.

But the good news is, you would be okay with your decision regarding taste. S8 gives delicious, hot, and varied drinks with the touch of a finger in no time.S8 gives you 15 pre-programmed and 15 customized drinks to enjoy.

Still not convinced?

A number of black drinks can be prepared in duplicate: Espresso, Ristretto, and black coffee. Milk-based beverages: Cafe latte, Espresso Macchiato, latte Macchiato, cappuccino, and flat white.Non-coffee options like warm milk, milk foam, hot water, and hot water for green tea.

And the next exciting feature of the Jura S8 is its customized drink option. You can increase or decrease the temperature and volume of your selected drinks with the touch of a button. 

Equally important, s8 gives you ten settings for coffee strength and three brewing temperatures which is rare. With the help of the adjustment lever, you can control the texture of flat milk to airy foam.

Jura S8 Drinks List

  • Espresso / 2 x Espresso  
  • Hot milk with no texture 
  • Coffee / 2 x Coffee
  • Hot milk mixed with a frothy texture
  • Ristretto / 2 x Ristretto 
  • Hot water for green tea 
  • Caffe latte Strong coffee
  •  Latte Macchiato
  •  Portion milk foam 
  • Flat White Coffee
  • Hot water
  • Macchiato Espresso

Jura S8 vs E8 is a Big Confusion

Are you wondering why, although the two coffee makers are mostly similar, there are some unique features that make Jura E8 more popular than its competitor? Let’s find out the difference between them.

The main difference between both automatic espresso machines is the adjustment of settings. Jura E8 is operated through buttons since there is no touch screen, while on the other hand, S8 utilizes the modern technology of a touchscreen, which is an excellent convenience. 

Furthermore, Jura E8 comes in black and stainless steel options, while the S8 is available in silver coating. E8 offers 17 different drink options, while S8 has 15 options. What’s more, Jura E8 offers a trendy cortado, while S8 doesn’t come with this option.

To be precise, both machines can offer you rich aromatic coffee at home. Both are easy to use and have a variety of drinks to offer. It is a highly personal preference to go with anyone.

Is it Worth the Money?

Jura S8 works amazingly. It brews 15 different coffee, and all of them are top-notch. The number of varying custom settings makes the s8 a dream for an office or 2 or more people in a household. The cappuccino, latte, and flat coffee are up to the mark.

This machine tells you everything to do, such as when to add the beans, clean the machine, fill the water tank, etc. You can also adjust the settings to what you want exactly and then save them for your next use.

So, if you want to do only some of the work manually, It will be well worth the money spent. I know this is an expensive appliance, but you recoup the price in a year by skipping out on Starbucks.

A customer or user giving Jura S8 review
Patricia J. Winn- A Coffee Lover

The Jura S8 is an investment, but it’s worth every penny. I am absolutely in love with my Jura S8! It makes the best coffee I’ve ever had and is so easy to use. I love that I can make espresso, coffee, cappuccino, and latte with just one machine. It’s so convenient and saves me time in the morning.

Jura S8 Review: Verdict

I’ve shared my honest Jura S8 review, and now if you trust the Jura line and are a technophile too, S8 can be the right choice for you. The only extra feature the S8 has is a 4.5 inches TFT colorful screen that gives you a modern look and ease of use.

The design is sleek and modern, and it fits perfectly in my kitchen. The touch screen is easy to navigate, and the machine is very user-friendly. You’ll appreciate how customizable the settings are, so you can make your coffee the way you like it.


Jura S8 offers 15 pre-programmed and 15 customized coffee drinks. Moreover, you can customize the strength and volume of the coffee to suit your preferences.

Jura s8 doesn’t offer iced coffee but gives you many other options to enjoy. For iced coffee, you can go for Z10.

Yes, Jura S8 can make all your favorite chocolates, including your white chocolate mocha. It gives you hot water, hot milk, and milk foam. To make hot chocolate, you can use the hot water spout to dispense hot water into a cup or mug with a pre-measured amount of hot chocolate mix or cocoa powder. After adding the hot water, stir until the hot chocolate is fully dissolved and your desired consistency is achieved.

Yes, Jura S8 is made in Switzerland and comes in black, moonlight silver, and chrome. Jura has been manufacturing high-end coffee machines for 80 years and is famous for its precision and attention to detail. So, you buy Jura S8 confidently as it is a swiss brand.

Being a high-tech machine, S8 gives the facility of Smart connections via Bluetooth. You can operate the machine with your phone using Jura Operating Experience, J.O.P. The app provides even more control over the machine’s settings and programming, such as customizing the drink options, saving personalized drink preferences, and receiving maintenance alerts.

The Jura S8 can make one or two cups of coffee simultaneously. S8 has two coffee spouts, which you can adjust to accommodate different cup sizes.

You can program Jura S8 for multiple user profiles. It has a feature called “User Profiles” that allows up to eight users to create and save their own customized coffee settings, such as the strength, volume, and temperature of their favorite drinks. You can easily access Your personalized settings by selecting your name on the S8’s home screen.

Yes, the Jura S8 fully automatic coffee machine does have a frother. It has a professional-quality fine foam frother that produces milk foam with a fine, feather-light consistency. It is perfect for creating latte art or adding to your favorite coffee drinks. Further, you can adjust it to produce hot milk or foam, and it’s easy to clean with a button.

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