Philips Lattego 4300 Review: A Fully Automatic Coffee Machine

Philips Coffee Machines has earned fame among the best automatic espresso machines with quality coffee and automated milk-frothing systems at affordable prices. The luxurious coffee maker I will discuss is a fully automatic espresso machine with a grinder and milk frother.

After testing for a week, here’s my comprehensive Philips Lattego 4300 Review. I’ll reveal the hidden secrets of this coffee machine, along with its pros and cons. After reading my In-Depth Philips 4300 LatteGo Analysis, you’ll be able to make a wise decision about your purchase.

First thing first, what’s more catchy than the lower price tag of a super-automatic espresso machine? You’ll be glad to know that Philips Lattego comes for under $1000. 

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg – Is Philip Lattego a real cheap coffee machine with advanced technology to deliver high-quality coffee? Let’s get busy with our Philips Lattego 4300 review.

Short of time? No worries, here’s the Philips LatteGo 4300 Full Review for you.

Overview of Philips LatteGo 4300

Philips LatteGo 4300 features
Philips LatteGo 4300 features

Lattego 4300 is a mid to high-range automatic espresso machine with Phlips’ advanced Milk frothing system. Philip’s Lattego system makes 4300 the most fully featured and affordable fully automatic coffee machine among many available options.

Why is LatteGo 4300 among the high-performing super-automatic espresso machines? Well, the reason is its most advanced brew technology with the convenience of an automated coffee brewing process.

What’s more? You’ll get a solid build with sleek and compact looks with the beautiful color combination of black and silver touch. Its ceramic grinder and a bypass doser for your decaf will last forever.

In addition, you’ll get a front-loading water tank with an integrated AquaClean filter, another hallmark of Philips. But hang on a minute- so many complications in operation it? NO, NO. 4300 has a user-friendly interface with a button to select between two user profiles.

What’s the Philip LattGo system? It includes a removable milk carafe for steaming and frothing milk for milk-based drinks like cappuccino Latte and flat white. So, you can enjoy eight black and milk-based specialty coffees at your home. 

Finally, the integrated Phillips water filtration makes the cleaning and descaling a breeze. Further, most of the parts are removable and dishwasher-safe. It’s a no-brainer.

Specifications and Pros/Cons of Philips LatteGo 4300

Philips LatteGo 4300

  • Advanced Brew Technology
  • Automated Convenience
  • Durable Features
  • Philip LatteGo System
  • Bypass doser for decaf


  • Removable Brew Group
  • compact size
  • Customizable options
  • easy to use
  • Removable Milk Carafe


  •  No App
  • Plastic Build

Philips Lattego 4300 Review

Have you gone through the Philips 4300 LatteGo Coffee Maker Overview? Hang on – Philips 4300 LatteGo features are deeply explained in my Philips 4300 LatteGo Espresso Machine Review.

Design and Size of Philip LatteGo 4300

Philip LatteGo 4300 comes in only black color with a silver lining style. Its shining black color with a chrome accent gives it a sleek and premium look. With high-quality plastic material, 4300 offers an uncompromised build. 

However, I’d love to see more metal in the construction of Philip coffee machines. That’s why Philips LatteGo 4300 is among the most affordable and cheap home espresso machines.

Is Philip LatteGo 4300 a large espresso maker? Worry not if you’ve got a small kitchen cabinet. You can still enjoy the luxurious super-automatic espresso machine at your home. LatteGo 4300 is a compact espresso machine with small footprints.

Further, with the measurement of 10 “D x 15” W x 17 “H, LatteGo 4300 can fit under every kitchen cabinet. You can also place it on your upper cupboard because it’s easy to move and handle.

If you want to place it on your upper shelf, ensure easy access to its bean hopper at the top of the machine. After all, you’ve to fill the bean holder to brew a delicious cup of coffee.

Are you thinking about the Philips LatteGo 4300 bean holder? It holds 9.5 oz beans and preserves the aroma of beans with its airtight seal.

Do You Know?

The airtight seal not only preserves the aroma of beans but also reduces the noise of the grinder, which makes your mornings calm and comfy. 

Are you eager to know about the Philips 4300 LatteGo User Experiencer? 

Philips 4300 LatteGo User Interface

Philips LatteGo 4300 interface
Philips LatteGo 4300 Interface

The 2-inch color TFT display will hold your attention at first look. However, it’s not a touch screen; you’ll get high initiative surrounding buttons for easy and fast navigation. 

What’s more astonishing about the 4300 Lattego navigation system is that you don’t need to bother about your favorite drinks as all popular drinks are displayed on the main screen. And if you want to explore more or customize your drinks, they’re also just a click away. 

Finally, the water reservoir of Philips LatteGo 4300 can hold 60 oz water, which is sufficient for brewing your whole-day coffee. And it’s easy to access and remove for refilling and cleaning.

Philips 4300 LatteGo Brewing System

Philips LatteGo 4300 brewing two cups
Philips LatteGo 4300 Brewing System

The quality of the espresso shot mainly depends on how you grind your beans. The brewing process starts with a built-in grinder in all automatic espresso machines. Philips LatteGo 4300 includes a ceramic burr grinder.

Are you wondering what’s a burr grinder? The most advanced coffee-grinding tool offers different customizing settings, from coarse to fine grinding. A burr grinder is more fast and quick than a blade grinder. 

Read more about the Burr vs Flate grinder to make the things clear.

Let’s talk a bit more about this powerful burr grinder in my Philips LatteGo 4300 review. You’ll find this magical burr grinder in all Philps series, including Philip 3200, 4300, and 5400. 

If we compare a ceramic burr grinder with a stainless steel grinder, the former is famous for its durability ( It can last up to 20,000 cups) and produces less heat during grinding, which directly affects the taste of beans. 

Philips LatteGo 4300 Bean container
Philips LatteGo 4300 Bean container

Moreover, Philips LatteGo 4300 offers 12 grind settings to customize your drinks to the perfect level of your desired taste. And if you’re looking for pre-ground coffee to enjoy your traditional decaf, LatteGo 4300 has a bypass doser for you. 

Philips LatteGo 4300 pre ground coffee
Philips LatteGo 4300 Bypass Doser

But I’d prefer fresh whole beans to make my mornings special.

Coffee Quality of Philips LatteGo 4300

Let’s talk about the real thing for what you’re paying for. Does Philips LatteGo 4300 offer quality coffee at home? If yes, then how?

Well, espresso depends on the proper pressure to pull a perfect shot. Superautomatic espresso machines use 9-bar, 15-bar, and 20-bar pressure pumps for pulling the espresso shot. Philips LattGo uses a 15-bar pressure pump, which is more than enough for home and office use. 

Learn more about the pressure of automatic espresso machines to understand how the correct pressure is vital in pulling a consistent espresso shot.

This 15-bar pressure forces the hot water to the fresh whole ground beans to extract the maximum aroma and taste from the beans. As a result, you get a thick crema on your espresso with a rich, aromatic flavor.

Does Philip LatteGo 4300 give you control over the brewing process? 

If you’re a beginner super-automatic machine user, you’ll craze to taste different specialty coffees. And if you’re an experienced barista, you’ll love to experiment and try basic to trendy coffee at home. 

So, in both scenarios, Philips LatteGo 4300 covers you by offering five strength settings to set the taste profile of your drink from a lighter to a stronger shot. You can also adjust the temperature to 3 settings to alter the taste.

You can find these customizing settings from “My Coffee Choice Menu”.

Philips LatteGo 4300 My Coffee Choice Menu
Philips LatteGo 4300 My Coffee Choice Menu

Have you got your perfect settings? Don’t fret about remembering these settings for your next use.

You can save these settings in two user profiles and a guest post. Sound simple!

Not only this, Philips LattGo 4300 gives you 8 pre-prepared or pre-programmed drink lists:

  • Latte Macchiato  
  • Café au Lait 
  • Caffe Crema  
  • Americano 
  • Cappuccino
  • Cappuccino
  • Espresso 
  • Black Coffee

Along with these drinks, you get creamy milk froth and hot water for your green tea. 

But why I haven’t discussed the LatteGo Milk system yet? Let’s do it in my Philips LatteGo 4300 review.

LatteGo System of Philips LatteGo 4300 Coffee Machine

Philips espresso machines use two milk frothing systems: manual steam wand and LatteGo classic milk frothing system.

Philips LatteGo 4300 LatteGo System
Philips LatteGo 4300 LatteGo System

What’s the Hype About LatteGo System? 

The revolutionary LatteGo milk system is the heart of the Philips LatteGo 4300 espresso maker. The LatteGo system combines convenience and quality to give you the perfect Latte or cappuccino at your home.

Philips LatteGo 4300 Milk based Drink
Philips LatteGo 4300 Milk-based Drink

But does it live up to the expectations? – Well, simplicity in the whole process attracts me more. You’ll second me. The beauty of the built-in milk system of LatteGo 4300 is its straightforward design. It has only four parts: a milk jug, a spout, a lid, and a coffee dispenser.  

You’ll love the milk system with only four parts—no more coffee mess on your kitchen counter, easy assembly, and quick cleaning. Don’t think it will take much time to frothing your creamy milk.

The next plus point of the LatteGo system is its speed and customization settings. In your busy mornings, you’ll love the speedy frothing system of LatteGo 4300. Within seconds, it froths milk to the perfect consistency and dispenses it directly into your cup.

Moreover, it gives you the freedom of customization. You can adjust the thickness of milk foam and temperature according to your preferences. Do you consider the cleaning of the LatteGo system to be a headache?

The good news is the milk carafe is removable. You can remove, rinse, and store it in the fridge without any mess or fuss. The milk carafe is dishwasher-safe because there are no wires and tubes like other espresso machines.

Spout Height of Philips LatteGo 4300

Philips LatteGo 4300 Adjust the spout
Philips LatteGo 4300 Adjust the Spout

Here’s another concern among coffee lovers: Can I place my latte mug or espresso ceramic cup under the spout? Is it adjustable or not? 

The good thing is, yes, you can adjust the spout size as per your needs. You can adjust it up to 15 centimeters (5.9 inches), which is pretty enough to place your larger mug. 

Maintenance of Philips LatteGo 4300

Philips LatteGo 4300 review
Philips LatteGo 4300 cleaning and Descaling

You’ve heard this voice many times: Super-autos are hard to maintain. I know the feelings.

The good news is that cleaning and maintaining the Philips LatteGo 4300 is a breeze. The removable brew group is a real convenience. You can remove it easily, rinse it thoroughly, and place it back within no time. 

Why do I prefer a removable brew group? Well, a fixed brew group isn’t something terrible. You can find it in high-end espresso machines like Jura’s coffee machines

But you can clean a removable brew group to the highest level of satisfaction. Proper cleanliness of the brew group ensures the fresh taste of coffee beans.  

What’s next? Another important feature that needs regular cleaning is the drip tray and coffee puck holder. Both these parts hold the residue, which can cause the bacteria if not appropriately maintained.

After testing the 4300, I decided to give a detailed insight into this coffee machine in my Philips LatteGo 4300 review. 

Like the removable brew group, Philps LatteGo 4300 has a removable drip tray, which is dishwasher safe. Inside the drip tray, you’ll get a puck holder. This coffee puck holder can hold about twelve spent pucks.

Don’t fret over splitting the drip dray, Philips LateGo 4300 will let you know when to remove and empty the drip tray and puck holder.

It’s all about cleaning while, according to the manual instructions, you need to descale your coffee machine using Philips Decalcifier. Although the AquaFresh filter purifies the water, which lessens the need for frequent descaling, you still need to change the filter after a month.  

How to descale Philips LatteGo 4300? Learn how to descale an automatic espresso machine at home. 

How to Use and Install Philps LatteGo 4300 Espresso Machine

Have you read my Philips LatteGo 4300 review and made up your mind to buy it?

After unboxing your Philips LatteGo 4300, it’s time to prepare the machine for brewing your first cup of espresso. Start with the installation of all components.

  • Start by pushing the plug into the wall socket.
  • Slide out the water tank and fill it up to the maximum level.
  • Now slide back the water tank.
  • Turn the machine on by pressing the On/Off button.
  • If you’re non-English,  select your preferred language using the navigation arrows and press OK.
Philips LatteGo 4300 select language
Philips LatteGo 4300 Select language

How to set the water hardness of Philips LatteGo 4300?

Now it’s time to set the water hardness.

  • Hold the test strip (included in the package) for 1 second under the tap. Then wait for for 1 minute to get the results.
  • The number of red squares on the strip indicates the water hardness.
  • Then use the up and down arrows to select the water hardness level. They should match the number of red squares on the test strip. Press OK to select.
  • The machine will fill the water circuit and perform an automatic rinsing cycle.
Philips LatteGo 4300 water hardness
Philips LatteGo 4300 water hardness

Setting the correct water hardness prevents you from descaling the machine too often.

How to activate the AquaClean filter?

  • Insert the filter vertically into the water tank and press it down to the lowest position. Fill the water tank and slide it back. 
  • Hot water will be dispensed after starting the activation process. So place the empty container under the hot water spout.
Philips LatteGo 4300 AquaClean Filter
Philips LatteGo 4300 AquaClean Filter

AquaClean not only expands the time span of your machine but improves the taste of your coffee.

How to brew two cups of coffee in Philips LatteGO 4300?

Do you want to enjoy two cups of coffee, let’s prepare it.

  • Fill the bean holder at the top and adjust the grind settings by rotating the knob.
  • First of all, place two cups under the coffee spout and adjust the spout by pulling it down to avoid any splashes.
  • Now press the icon of your favorite drink twice to brew two cups and within seconds, your two cups of delicious coffee are ready – imagine this!!
YouTube video
Philips Lattego 4300 Review

Comparison Between Philips LatteGo 4300 and Other Super-Automatics

Philips offers a series of compelling coffee machines with different features and price tags to meet the needs of different users. Let’s compare the LatteGo 4300 with other Super Automatic Espresso Machines in my Philips LattGo review.

Philips LatteGo 4300 vs Phailips LatteGo 3200 vs 5400

Both models share some features as they come in a sleek black color, which gives them an appealing look. Further, they share identical product dimensions, measuring 10 inches in depth, 15 inches in width, and 17 inches in height. The small size of these machines ensures that they won’t occupy too much space on the counter.

Next, both machines share the same customization features, with the same capacity of bean hoppers and an initiative display. However, 4300 offers eight specialty coffees, while 3200 offers 5, plus iced coffee. 

Finally, the Philips 3200 is cheaper than the 4300. The Philips LatteGo 4300 is a powerful coffee machine with a higher price tag. So, If you’re a coffee fan and want to have more drink options, 4300 is your right choice.

Read our review of the Philips LatteGo 3200 Coffee Machine.

Philips LatteGo 4300 vs DeLonghi Dinamica Plus

Let’s discuss another reputed brand, DeLonghi, in our Philips LatteGo 4300 review. Are there any similarities between the Philips LatteGo 4300 and Dinamica Plus? 

Both machines have a similar footprint with a removable milk carafe. However, Plus has more powerful features, including a high price tag. Dinamica Plus comes with a solid construction and a stainless steel grinder.

Another plus point of Plus is its colorful touchscreen with 16 specialty coffees. However, if you’re a beginner and want an affordable mid-range espresso machine, Philips LatteGo 4300 is a suitable option.

Final Thoughts of Philips LatteGo 4300 Review

You want control over the milk frothing system. If yes, I’d suggest you go with an espresso machine with a manual steam wand like the Breville Oracle Touch. However, If you want to enjoy the complete luxury of a super-automatic espresso machine, the Philips LatteGo 4300 is the right option to choose. With its advanced technology and powerful built-grinder and milk frothing system, it’s one of the most demanding coffee machines. So. try this affordable luxury to enjoy your coffee at home.


The Lattego milk system of 4300 is easy to clean. You can remove the milk carafe from the machine and rinse it with warm water. You can also place it in the dishwasher for hassle-free cleaning.

You can make regular coffee using the bypass doser, but you can’t use coffee pods or capsules. You will need to use ground coffee for brewing your beverages.

It’s the grinder that produces the noise or loud sound while grinding the whole beans. Luckily, LatteGo 4300 uses a ceramic burr grinder which doesn’t produce that much noise.

Yes, the Lattego 4300 features an adjustable coffee spout that can accommodate different cup sizes, from small espresso cups to larger mugs.

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