Gaggia Brera Review: Best Entry-Level Espresso Machine

Can an Entry-level espresso machine pull a perfect espresso shot? Does an entry-level come with a built-in grinder and milk frother? It would help to consider all these factors before choosing your automatic coffee maker.

Therefore, I decided to write Gaggia Brera Review to unfold the reality of this budget-friendly but excellent-performing espresso machine. The thing which compelled me to test this little beauty was its compact size and ability to produce perfect espresso and milk beverages.

Gaggia Brera

  • Dimensions 12.4″H x 10″W x 17.5″D
  • Water Tank Capacity: 40 oz
  • Bean Hopper Capacity: 8.8 oz
  • Single Boiler Type
  • 5 Grinder Settings
  • Pannarello Wand         

Overview of Gaggia Brera

The Gaggia Brera is a budget-friendly super-automatic espresso machine that is easy to use with its one-touch features. Brera is a compact espresso maker with a sleek stainless steel design and build. 

It’s an entry-level fully automatic espresso machine that offers a variety of drinks, including espresso and cappuccino.

One of the standout features of the Gaggia Brera is its user-friendly interface. With intuitive controls and an LED screen, brewing your favorite espresso drinks becomes fun.

Its one-touch brewing option allows you to make a quick espresso shot or prepare a creamy cappuccino within no time.

Equipped with a high-quality ceramic burr grinder, the Brera ensures a consistent grind size, which allows you to extract maximum flavor from your coffee beans.

Its hopper and bypass doser allows you to use whole beans or pre-ground coffee. The Pannarello steam wand is another highlight of the Gaggia Brera to froth the milk.

Is Gaggia Brera easy to maintain?

The answer is quite simple. Like other super-automatic espresso machines, the Brera makes maintenance and cleaning simple. 

The brew group can be easily removed for regular rinsing. Additionally, the front-loading design allows easy access to the water reservoir and dreg box, making refilling and emptying hassle-free.

The Gaggia Brera also has advanced features like the Gaggia Adapting System, which adjusts the grind settings based on your preferred coffee beans. 

Finally, the Gaggia Brera espresso machine offers affordability, convenience, and programmability. All these features make it a popular choice for coffee lovers who want to enjoy delicious coffee without breaking the bank.


  • Sleek design and compact size
  • User-friendly interface
  • One-touch brewing
  • Ceramic burr grinder
  • Removable brew group


  •  A bit Noisy
  • Limited customization options

Gaggia Brera Review

It’s time to have a deep dive into Gaggia Brera Review to explore the features and performance of this small and cheap automatic espresso maker.

Design Philosophy of Brera

Well, size may not be your sole concern, but having an espresso machine with a small footprint is always easy to handle and move.

So, if you have little counter space, meet the most compact super-automatic espresso machine, the Gaggia Brera. The Gaggia Brera is considered compact due to its small size and space-saving design. 

With dimensions of approximately 10″D x 15.5″ W x 11.5″H inches, it occupies minimal countertop space compared to larger espresso machines. Its top and sides are made of quality plastic and you can choose between black and silver colors. 

Additionally, the Brera’s front-loaded water reservoir and dreg box also contribute to its compactness. They provide easy access without additional space at the back or sides of the machine.

User Interface of Gaggia Brera

Interface of Gaggia Brera

The Gaggia Brera has a user-friendly interface to simplify the brewing process. It includes intuitive controls and an LED screen for easy navigation and operation.

The interface consists of east-to-operate buttons that allow you to select various beverage options with a single touch. These buttons typically include options for espresso, espresso lungo, and steam/froth milk using the Pannarello wand.

 The LED screen displays relevant information such as brewing status, temperature, and any customizations or programming you have made. Gaggia Brera also remember Your preferred drinks.

Brewing System OF Gaggia Brera

The machine utilizes a powerful 15 bar Italian-made pump to create the necessary pressure for extracting espresso. This pump ensures optimal water flow through the coffee grounds. And as a result, you get a rich and flavorful espresso shot. 

Another fantastic feature of this little champ is its rapid heating boiler system. This Quick Heating System reaches the ideal brewing temperature within no time to maximize flavor extraction.

This is where you’ll appreciate the quality on a low budget.

Gaggia Brera has a removable brew group which you can easily pull out from the side of the machine and adjust after washing it thoroughly. 

Does the removable brew group really make a difference in performance?

Well, it can be good for you if you’re too sensitive for the cleanliness of your espresso machine, as the removable brew group allows you to wash it under your tap water.

On the other hand, If you trust the automatic cleaning cycle of the machine, a fixed brew group will save you time and energy. And many high-tech coffee machines like Jura’s coffee makers come with a fixed brew group.

Built-in Ceramic Burr Grinder in Gaggia Brera

Gaggia Brera grinder

Here comes another premium feature that you can get from this affordable bean-to-cup espresso machine. With a built-in burr grinder with a capacity of 8oz, Brera delivers high-quality coffee with ease.

What makes Ceramic Burr Grinder so special?

There’re three main reasons why Ceramic Burr Grinders are famous:

The ceramic burr grinder ensures a consistent grind size, which is crucial for achieving optimal extraction and flavor in espresso. 

Ceramic burrs have excellent heat resistance properties compared to other materials like metal. It helps to prevent overheating of the coffee grounds during the grinding process to preserve the beans’ delicate flavors and aromas.

Ceramic burrs are known for their durability and longevity. They are less prone to wear and tear compared to other grinder materials.

Now the most concerning question from coffee lovers.

Can you adjust the Grind Settings to enjoy the variety of drinks?

Good news for you – The Gaggia Brera’s ceramic burr grinder offers 5 grind settings. You can adjust the coarseness or fineness of the grind to suit your preferred brewing method. 

But here is the downside too, Brera offers limited customization options, so if you love to enjoy the variety of drinks you may go for premium line espresso machines like JURA E8

Not only this, this compact automatic espresso machine has a “Bypass Doser” to enjoy your ground coffee. You can use pre-ground coffee to enjoy a traditional decaf in your evenings.

Bypass doser Gaggia Brera

Pannarello Wand for Milk Frothing

steam wand of Gaggia Brera

Do you love rich, creamy texture Cappuccino? Certainly yes.

The Gaggia Brera espresso machine is equipped with a Pannarello wand, which is specifically designed for milk frothing and steaming. The Pannarello wand is a versatile tool that allows you 

to easily create creamy froth for lattes, cappuccinos, and other specialty milk-based beverages.

How does the Pannarello wand work? Is it that simple?

However, Brera doesn’t come with an automatic frother or milk carafe like Jura S8. So, you have to do frothing with a steam wand. While it requires some manual effort, you may like the control over creating the rich velvety milk foam.

To froth milk, you begin by inserting the Pannarello wand into a container of cold milk. The wand has an intake hole that draws in air, creating a whirlpool effect as the milk is frothed. The system heats up within 10 seconds and adds air into the milk to produce a rich, velvety foam.

Learn more about how to froth milk without a frother if you’re not interested in a dedicated milk frother.

Water Reservoir of Gaggia Brera

The water reservoir of the Gaggia Brera has a generous capacity of 40 oz, allowing you to brew multiple cups of coffee before needing to refill it. 

The water tank is conveniently located at the front of the machine, which makes it easily accessible for refilling and cleaning. This front-loading design eliminates the need to move or lift the machine when it’s time to add water without any hassle.

But hold on, Brera isn’t giving you a water filter included in the water tank, well that’s what makes it affordable right? However, you can use filtered water to make a perfect espresso shot.

Coffee Quality of Gaggia Brera

I’ve found Brera as one of the most affordable espresso makers, that delivers versatile coffee under $500 bucks. You can enjoy Espresso, Espresso Lungo, Cappuccino, or Latte at the ease of a button. 

Furthermore, Gaggia Brera uses the most advanced brewing technology like pre-infusion which allows the water to soak the coffee beans before brewing to extract the maximum aroma and flavor.

One of the standing features of Brera is its Optiaroma feature, which allows you to customize your drinks as per your needs. 

Through the Optiaroma feature, you can customize your coffee’s aroma by adjusting the brew’s strength. With this feature, you can choose from different aroma profiles, ranging from mild to strong, to suit your personal taste preferences.

Gaggia will remember your preferences.

Gaggia Brera allows you to program and save your preferred Optiaroma settings. Once you have found the perfect balance of strength and flavor, you can easily save it as a preset for future use. This ensures consistent results and eliminates the need for manual adjustments each time you brew. Isn’t it convenient? 

In short, adding the Optiaroma feature in the Gaggia Brera empowers you to fine-tune and customize your coffee aroma. You can have a personalized and enjoyable coffee experience with each cup.

How to Use Gaggia Brera Espresso Machine

Let’s learn about how to operate Brera in my Gaggia Brera review. First, you have to set it up the basics, like plugging in and turning it in. Then fill the bean hopper and reservoir; let’s brew some espresso.

Run the water through the spout to prepare it for the espresso shot. The indicator light will flash red when it’s preheated, after that, adjust the grind settings as per your preferences.

You can utilize the coffee bean button to navigate through three different brew strengths on the Gaggia Brera. The machine will automatically store your preference, ensuring that it is remembered for your next brew.

Choose between Lungo and Espresso shots to start your brewing process. To stop brewing, just press the coffee button again. 

If you want to enjoy traditional decaf, use bypass doser. Measure the pre-ground coffee and put it into the pre-ground chute. Then press the scoop symbol to start the process. 

If you want to froth milk for cappuccinos or lattes, use the Pannarello wand. Insert the wand into a container of cold milk and position it to the proper depth. Turn on the steam function and move the wand to create frothy milk. Adjust the wand depth and angle for your desired texture.

It’s recommended to read the user manual before using the machine.

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Gaggia Brera Review

Maintenance of Gaggia Brera

Proper cleaning and maintenance are essential to keep your Gaggia Brera espresso machine in optimal condition. Here are some guidelines to follow:

Daily Cleaning:

  • After each use, remove and empty the coffee grounds from the dreg drawer.
  • Rinse the brew group using warm water to remove any residue.
  • Clean the Pannarello wand and steam nozzle with a damp cloth.

Weekly Cleaning:

  • Clean the water tank by emptying any remaining water and washing it with mild soapy water.
  • Remove the brew group and rinse it under running water. Use a soft brush or cloth to remove any coffee deposits.
  • Clean the drip tray, grate with warm soapy water, and dry them thoroughly before reinserting.


  • Regular descaling is necessary to remove mineral deposits and maintain the performance of your machine.
  • Follow the instructions in the user manual to perform the descaling process using a descaling solution recommended for espresso machines.


  • Replace the water filter regularly if your machine uses one. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for the recommended replacement interval.
  • Periodically lubricate the brew group o-ring with food-grade lubricant to ensure smooth operation.
  • Check the grinder and adjust it if necessary to maintain the desired grind consistency.

Safety Precautions:

  • Always unplug the machine before performing any cleaning or maintenance tasks.
  • Allow the machine to cool down before handling any parts or components.
  • Follow all safety guidelines and instructions the manufacturer provides in the user manual

Regular cleaning and maintenance will prolong the lifespan of your Gaggia Brera and ensure that it continues to deliver excellent coffee.

Gaggia Brera vs Other Espresso Machines

Let’s compare Brera in my Gaggia Brera Review.

Gaggia Brera vs Philips 3200

The Brera is a compact coffee machine with a stainless steel front panel, giving it a modern and sleek appearance. It has a built-in grinder and a front-loading water tank, and a Dreg drawer.

The 3200 has a more contemporary design with plastic housing. It has a front-loading water tank and a separate container for coffee beans. It also includes a milk carafe for automatic milk frothing.

The Brera is a super-automatic machine that offers one-touch brewing and programmable options. It can brew espresso, and espresso lungo, and has a Pannarello wand for milk frothing.

On the other hand, The 3200 is also a super-automatic machine with one-touch brewing capabilities. It can brew a variety of coffee drinks, including espresso, cappuccino, and latte, using the integrated milk carafe for automatic milk frothing.

Both machines have their pros and cons. Regarding the price tag, Gaggia Brera is considered more affordable than the Philips 3200.

Read Philip LatteGo Review for more details.

Gaggia Brera vs Delonghi Magnifica

The Gaggia Brera has a compact and modern design, while the DeLonghi Magnifica has a slightly larger footprint.

The DeLonghi Magnifica also provides a wide range of coffee drinks, including espresso, cappuccino, and latte, with the ability to customize the coffee’s strength and size.

The Gaggia Brera features a ceramic burr grinder, allowing for precise and consistent grinding. The DeLonghi Magnifica, on the other hand, also has a built-in grinder but uses a different type of grinder. Both machines can accommodate pre-ground coffee as well.

The Gaggia Brera offers limited customization options, such as adjusting the strength and volume of your coffee. The DeLonghi Magnifica provides more extensive customization, allowing you to adjust the grind settings, coffee strength, and water temperature to suit your preferences.

Being entry-level, the Gaggia Brera is generally more affordable than the DeLonghi Magnifica, which tends to have a higher price point.

Final Words For Gaggia Brera Review

As a final word in my Gaggia Brera Review, the Gaggia Brera is a budget-friendly super-automatic espresso machine that offers convenience and quality in a compact design.

Its user-friendly interface and one-touch brewing options make preparing delicious espresso shots and cappuccinos a simple task. The ceramic burr grinder ensures consistent grind size, and the machine allows you to use either whole beans or pre-ground coffee

Maintenance is easy with removable parts, an accessible water reservoir, and a Dreg box. So, if you’re seeking affordability and programmability, Gaggia Brera can be your companion for years.


Yes, Gaggia is currently owned by Philips. Philips acquired the Gaggia brand in 2009 and owned Gaggia’s espresso machine division. Since then, Gaggia espresso machines have been manufactured and marketed under the ownership and management of Philips.

The Gaggia Brera is primarily designed to make espresso-based drinks, such as espresso shots, cappuccinos, and lattes. It is an espresso machine with a pump system optimized for extracting coffee under higher pressure. So, Brera can make the perfect regular coffee

With proper maintenance and regular cleaning, a Gaggia machine can last for many years, potentially even a decade (10-20 years).

Ensure that the water reservoir is inserted correctly and tightly sealed. If it is not properly placed, it can cause water to leak from the machine.

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