12 Espresso Machine Accessories For Your Coffee Machine

Finally, a high-quality espresso machine is on your kitchen shelf – undoubtedly a great investment for years. But hang on, do you’ve all the must-have espresso machine accessories to enjoy your first cup of coffee rich in taste and aroma?

Well, a perfect shot of espresso isn’t that simple to pull but not hard to master. With the use of the essential accessories of the espresso machine, you can enjoy a barista-quality taste at home.

After doing extensive research about all espresso machine tools, I’m going to enlist all the necessary espresso machine components to take your coffee-making process to the next level.

I divided the espresso machine accessories kit into three categories as per need;

  • Must-Have Espresso Accessories
  • Recommended Espresso Accessories
  • Descaling and Cleaning Supplies

5 Must-Have Espresso Machine Accessories

The following are the necessary items that you need in your espresso machine toolbox.

1. Expresso Tamper

A perfect espresso is all about fine grinding and right tamping. A tamper is a must-have tool for consistency extraction. A tamper is used to press down the ground coffee in a portafilter before the brewing process.

Tamping is an art; you need to look for the tamper that suits the size of your portafilter for even extraction. Tampers come in different sizes, materials, and types, so choose the right one for your espresso machine.

I recommend Calibrated and round-handled tampers as they provide precision and control over tamping. Don’t bother about how to choose the best espresso tamper. I’m going to give you an expert opinion about adding a suitable tamper to your espresso machine accessories kit.

Best Espresso Tamper: Our Top Pick

LuxHaus Espresso Tamper

The LuxHaus tamper, ‘s base is constructed from top-tier, food-safe stainless steel with no coatings, ensuring a worry-free experience. Moreover, its pressure-sensitive design ensures consistent compression of coffee grounds in the portafilter. So, avoid cheaper alternatives that may shed metal fragments into your grounds during tamping—invest in quality for the sake of your health.

Best Budget-Friendly Espresso Tamper

PerriRock Coffee Tamper

PerriRock Precision Stainless Steel Espresso Tamper offers a top-tier, robust tamping solution. It’s designed for both home and commercial coffee lovers. With a 51mm diameter and a distinctive convex shape, this tamper ensures a secure grip for a consistently professional espresso shot.

2. Coffee Scale With Timer

Want to know a secret for pulling a perfect espresso shot? You might be thinking, “Do I really need a scale just to make coffee?”  YES! An accurate kitchen scale with a timer is a must-have espresso machine equipment. 

Well, let me tell you why a coffee scale is not just necessary but absolutely crucial for your coffee-brewing process. Tamping and a scale go hand in hand for brewing a consistent espresso shot. 

Coffee is all about balance and achieving the right coffee-to-water ratio is crucial. A coffee scale helps you measure the precise amount of coffee and water you use for brewing a perfect cup of espresso at home.

So, no more guesswork, as you’ll know exactly how much coffee you need to hit the sweet spot between “meh” and “mind-blowing. Let’s add the best-recommended scale to your espresso machine accessories.

Commonly used brew ratio

If you’re brewing 1 gram of coffee grounds, you would use 15 grams of water. This 1:15 ratio typically results in a slightly stronger cup of coffee. While the ratio of 1:17 will result in a milder taste.

Again, you can’t get an accurate ratio without a scale. So get a scale with the accuracy of o.1 gram. Pick a digital scale with a timer to track the duration of the brewing process for a perfectly balanced shot of espresso.

Best Coffee Scale with Timer

Hario V60 Drip Coffee Pour Over Scale

Why do I recommend Hario V60 coffee drippers? This scale offers impeccable accuracy, measuring in 0.1-gram increments. Moreover, you can use it for all types of coffee: pour-over or manual coffee pouring. Its built-in timer helps you pull the perfect shot. 

Another convenience of this scale is its auto-off feature that activates after 5 minutes (though it remains inactive when the timer is running). Further, with the dimensions of W120×D190×H29mm, it can handle a maximum capacity of 2,000 grams.

 It includes 2 AAA batteries, so recharging it is no more hassle after every brew.

Best Budget-Friendly Coffee Scale With Timer

KitchenTour Coffee Scale with Timer

KitchenTour Coffee Scale with Timer isn’t only an affordable kitchen scale, but it weighs 0.1g with precision. With its 3000g, it has a generous capacity and easily accommodates the weighty portafilter.

Further, the addition of an LED display with buttons simplifies the process. Moreover, adding a rubber mat prevents slipping and keeps the scale surface safe. You will also get a one-year warranty.

3. Milk Frothing Pitcher

If you love milk-based drinks, a milk pitcher is a must-have. A milk frothing pitcher is essential for cappuccino, latte art, and Flat White. A pitcher gives fine control over pouring the froth to designs atop coffee drinks.

Moreover, measurement markings on these pitchers enable a balanced texture. Let’s explore the overall best milk pitcher that should be included in your espresso machine accessories.

Best Milk Pitcher

Apexstone Espresso Steaming Pitcher

The stainless steel Apexstone milk-frothing pitcher is free from rust and corrosion. It’s a handy tool for conveniently measuring milk, water, liquid, and milk foam. 

With a generous capacity of 32oz (950ml) and dimensions of 139mm x 104mm (5.47 inches in height and 4.09 inches in diameter), this frothing pitcher is ideal for use at home or in the office, whether you’re making beverages for yourself or a small group of friends.

Gaggia Brera- espresso machine

Best Budget-Friendly Milk Pitcher

Milk Frothing Steaming Pitcher

The Milk Frother Jug and Latte Art Pen combo performs various tasks like frothing and steaming milk for lattes and measuring milk and water. 

The point-mouth design of the milk jug prevents liquid from leaking, ensuring beautiful coffee patterns. Moreover, it comes in four different sizes to meet your needs. Furthermore, it’s an affordable milk pitcher, so you can add it to your espresso machine accessories kit.

4. Coffee Knock Box

A coffee knock box is a helpful addition to espresso machine accessories. It’s used to dispose of the used coffee grounds produced during espresso-making. Its primary purpose is to make the espresso-making process clean and convenient.

Best Coffee Knock Box

Breville BCB100 Barista-Style Coffee Knock Box

The Breville BCB100 Coffee Knock Box is easy to use; just tap your portafilter against the knock bar and dispose of the coffee puck. This knock box comes in a solid die-cast metal canister with a secure anti-slip rubber grip. 

Additionally, the canister has a removable bowl for gathering the coffee puck. The bowl is durable and dishwasher-safe for hassle-free cleaning.

 You can also repurpose old coffee grounds as a nutrient-rich fertilizer for your garden beds.

Best Budget-Friendly Coffee Knock Box

HOME Coffee Knock Box

The black espresso knock box is spacious enough to hold ample residual coffee grounds. It has a solid construction with sturdy ABS plastic and a food-safe rubber bar to add durability. 

Further, Knock boxes are fairly espresso accessories, and they require minimal maintenance. Yes, the black coffee knock box is easy to clean, easy to remove, and easy to use.

5. Milk Steaming Thermometer

Why do you need a milk steaming thermometer in your espresso machine accessories? This tool is specially made for various coffee drinks, particularly those involving espresso.

The milk Steaming Thermometer provides precise temperature measurements for achieving steamed milk’s perfect texture and flavor.

Best Milk Steaming Thermometer

Alliance Brew Gear Milk Frothing Thermometer

This smart thermometer features a bi-metallic coil that delivers lightning-fast and spot-on temperature results.  Plus, checking the temperature range is easy with its color-coded dial.

It comes with a stainless steel case and fog-resistant glass with a glass dial cover to ensure durability and effortless cleaning.

Best Budget  Milk Steaming Thermometer

KT THERMO Instand Read 2-Inch Dial Thermometer

The multi-stage fixed clip design of the KT THERMO Thermometer ensures easy positioning on the surface of the disk. Moreover, it helps with safe and simple measurements of coffee, hot chocolate, and milk foam.

Furthermore, it can measure boiling and frozen substances from 0 to 220 degrees Fahrenheit. Its compact and stainless steel build is durable and easy to use.

Recommended Espresso Machine Tools

I recommend adding these tools to your espresso machine accessories kit to take your coffee game to the next level.

A Bottomless Portafilter

One of the primary advantages of a bottomless portafilter is that it provides a clear view of the entire espresso extraction process. It also helps in identifying any issues like channeling or uneven extraction, which can be corrected to improve the overall flavor of the coffee.

In short, it has the ability to provide visibility, diagnose extraction issues, enhance barista skills, optimize flavor, and offer brewing versatility to enjoy your coffee at home.

Best Naked Portafilter

Normcore 54mm Bottomless Naked Portafilter

Normcore 54mm isn’t just any portafilter; it’s your secret weapon for mastering the art of espresso. It is specially designed to fit baskets of 54mm Breville Barista Pro and Breville Barista Espresso Machine models.

Moreover, It’s lightweight, durable, and comfortably fits in hands. Finally, it can fit any size of the basket as it’s a bottomless portafilter.

Best Budget Naked Portafilter

Bulipu 54mm Bottomless Portafilter

Bulipu Portafilter comes with an easily detached/unscrewed handle when tapped on a knock box or twisted to lock/unlock.

This portafilter has one wall-mounted holder, strict QC before packing, and repeated testing on different Breville machines to guarantee high-precision compatibility.

However, it may NOT fit a 58MM Breville Dual Boiler, Oracle, or Oracle Touch espresso machine.

Espresso Puck Screen

The puck screen, also known as a coffee or shower screen, holds significant importance in espresso machine maintenance and quality. It promotes even water distribution, maintains consistent pressure, prevents grounds in the Cup, avoids clogs, enhances shot consistency, and contributes to espresso machine longevity.

Best Puck Screen

Normcore 58.5mm Puck Screen

Normcore puck screen comes with a 1.7mm thick Penta layer with 150μm microns for consistent water flow. The 58.5mm penta-layer reusable coffee filter surpasses single-layer screens in performance. It leads to a smoother, more even, and perfectly balanced extraction.

Distribution Tool

A coffee distribution tool or coffee leveler is another important in the world of espresso preparation for several compelling reasons. 

The primary role of a distribution tool is to ensure the even distribution of coffee grounds within the portafilter basket. It also helps prevent channeling by creating a more uniform surface for water to pass through.

Best Distribution Tool

WDT tool, Espresso Distribution tools

WDT Tool boasts ten ultra-thin needles, each made of food-safe stainless steel with a diameter of just 0.35mm. You have the flexibility to adapt and choose between 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8 needles, depending on your preference.

Best Budget Distribution Tool

Normcore WDT Distribution Tool V2-9

The handle of the Normcore WDT distributor is made from anodized aluminum CNC for sturdiness. Moreover,  The spring wires are constructed from premium 304 stainless steel, known for their nonstick and rust-resistant properties.

Additionally,  It features a handy funnel above the portafilter to prevent any spillage, resulting in consistently even extractions and reduced channeling.

Espresso Dosing Funnels

Why am I adding this small tool to the kit of espresso machine accessories? Well, using a dosing funnel significantly reduces the chances of coffee grounds spilling or being wasted during the dosing process. 

One of the primary advantages of this coffee dosing funnel is its ability to prevent coffee waste and maintain a clean workspace. It saves money and minimizes cleanup efforts, keeping the workspace tidy.

Best Espresso Dosing Funnel

54mm Espresso Dosing Funnel

The coffee dosing ring is specifically designed to be compatible with 54mm Breville Portafilter baskets, which makes it a versatile accessory for various Breville models like the Barista Express, Pro, Touch, Bambino Plus, Infuser, and Duo-Temp Pro. 

Let’s talk about the build. 

The MATOW coffee powder funnel is constructed from premium 304 stainless steel, known for its exceptional durability and resistance to rust and corrosion. Furthermore, it’s It’s dishwasher safe. 

Espresso Shot Glass

The espresso shot glass, also known as a demitasse glass or cup is a handy espresso machine equipment that you should buy to ease your coffee-making process. Espresso shot glasses are calibrated to specific volumes, typically 1 or 2 ounces (30–60 ml). 

In summary, the espresso shot glass is not just a vessel for holding espresso; it is a fundamental tool for measuring, monitoring, and perfecting the espresso-making process.

Best Shot Glass

BCnmviku Shot Glasses

BCnmviku Shot Glasses is a 3-ounce espresso shot glass pitcher designed with baristas in mind, for the best pouring experience. Its design philosophy isn’t only to enhance beauty but to solve problems.

Its built-in handle not only adds to the comfort but also shields your fingers from the heat of freshly extracted shots. Plus, Its compact size allows for easy storage, whether in drawers alongside kitchen gadgets or as part of your bar accessories.

Espresso Machine Cleaning and Maintenance Kit

Best Espresso Cleaning Powder

Urnex Espresso Machine Cleaning Powder 

For over 80 years, Urnex products have epitomized the highest quality consistency, and effectiveness. This espresso machine cleaning powder removes all coffee and milk residue and saves the grinding unit from getting clogged. Give it a try and enjoy the fresh taste of your coffee in every sip.

Coffee Machine Descaler Descaling Solution

A descaler is also there in your espresso tool basket as your espresso machine needs descaling must in a month for a better taste experience.


Coffee Machine Descaler Descaling Solution

This descaler utilizes citric acid as its active component, with a recommended dosage of 4 ounces per treatment, providing a total of 8 treatments per bottle—a generous quantity. The label incorporates a convenient measuring ruler, facilitating precise dispensing.

A notable advantage is its origin in the USA. I prefer citric acid descalers over alternatives like vinegar due to their lack of distinct vinegar smell and flavor. Unlike vinegar, which often requires multiple cycles to eliminate its lingering scent and taste, citric acid typically only necessitates a couple of flushes for effective results.

Espresso Machine Cleaning Brush

Cleaning and maintaining an automatic espresso machine isn’t an easy task. You need a proper guideline about how to clean an espresso machine.  

Espresso machines accumulate coffee grounds, oils, and residues from each brewing cycle. A cleaning brush allows you to reach into the nooks and crannies, effectively removing these buildups.

Cleaning brushes help you maintain the purity of your coffee’s taste, ensuring each shot is as delicious as the last.

12. The Best Espresso Machine Cleaning Brush

Zhehao Coffee Machine Brush Cleaner 4 Pieces

The rigid, thick nylon bristle brush removes coffee residue and the grinder’s burr blades. It suits coffee grinders, espresso machines, milk frothers, bean grinders, and coffee makers. Moreover, it has a special angle for cleaning tight spaces and reaching every corner of your machine.

Final Thoughts

Finally, why do you need espresso machine accessories in a tool kit? The answer is to enjoy your coffee with perfection and to increase the lifespan of your espresso machine. You can’t underestimate the need for a minor tool like a distribution tool to achieve the right consistency and perfection of coffee.


To enjoy the perfect cup of coffee, you need accessories like a quality tamper, a milk frothing pitcher, a precision grinder, and a knock box for used coffee grounds.

Espresso accessories, such as a tamper and precision grinder, ensure consistent coffee extraction. Frothing pitchers and thermometers help create the perfect microfoam for lattes and cappuccinos.

 For latte art, choose a stainless steel milk frothing pitcher with a narrow spout, which allows for precise pouring and intricate designs in your latte or cappuccino.

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