8 Best Low Acid Coffee Brands

Do you love coffee but suffer from digestive issues as well? Worry not; here’s good news for you. I’ve researched some best low acid coffee brands to share in this article. These brands offer a gentle and soothing experience without compromising on the beloved flavors that make coffee appealing.

Traditional coffee is naturally acidic due to the presence of certain compounds like chlorogenic acid, which can be harsh on the stomach and cause discomfort for you. 

However, low acid coffee is produced using specific processing techniques that reduce the acidity while preserving the essence of the coffee beans. Low acid coffee beans never go wrong with your tummy.

Let’s explore why and how low acid coffee should be used and what are top low acidic coffee brands.

Our Top Pick for Acid Free Coffee Brands

8 Best Low Acid Coffee Brands Reviews

Image Product Price  
Lifeboost Coffee Medium Roast Lifeboost Dark Roast Check Price
Fabula Coffee Espresso Roast Fabula Coffee Espresso Roast — Best Valued Coffee Check Price
Volcanica Coffee Geisha Costa Rica Volcanica Costa Rican Coffee —- Best Pre-Ground Coffee Check Price
Puroast Low Acid Coffee Puroast Low Acid Coffee — Highest Antioxidants Check Price
Lucy Jo’s Coffee Mellow Belly Lucy Jo’s Coffee Mellow Belly – The Best Variety Check Price
Java Planet Medium-Dark Roast Java Planet Medium-Dark Roast – Best Eco-Friendly Coffee Check Price
Momme Coffee Momme Coffee – Best Decaf Low Acid Coffee Check Price
Bulletproof Medium-Roast Bulletproof Medium-Roast – Best Pour-Over or Drip Coffee Check Price

Lifeboost Coffee Medium Roast — Top Pick

Lifeboost Dark Roast

  • Rich and Intense Flavor
  • Organic and Third-Party Tested
  • Low Acidity
  • Environmentally Friendly

Lifeboost is a small company famous for its best low acid “Lifeboost dark roast” coffee brand. Low acid Arabica beans are used to make this robust and less caffeinated coffee. 

What sets Lifeboost Dark Roast apart is its commitment to quality and health.  These Arabica beans are carefully selected from high-altitude regions to ensure the perfect combination of climate and soil for exceptional taste. 

But Lifeboost Dark Roast is not just about taste—it’s also about your well-being. It is 100% organic, free from harmful pesticides or chemicals. With a pH of at least 6, Lifeboost Dark Roast is less acidic than regular coffee 5.

Rest assured, Lifeboost Dark Roast coffee beans are certified organic by the USDA. They have undergone rigorous third-party testing to ensure their quality and purity. 

These tests cover a wide range of potential contaminants, including mycotoxins, heavy metals, pesticides, and an extensive list of 400 other toxins.

So, With Lifeboost Dark Roast having low acidity coffee beans, you can have complete confidence in the safety and integrity of your coffee.


  • Certified by USDA
  • Acidity Free Coffee
  • Organic
  • easy to use
  • Eco Friendly


  •  Limited Availability
  • A Bit Pricey

In conclusion, Lifeboost Dark Roast is a testament to the artistry and dedication of coffee craftsmanship. Its bold flavors and commitment to quality and health make it a standout choice for coffee lovers. So, try it now and enjoy your cup of Joe.

Fabula Coffee Espresso Roast — Best Valued Coffee

Fabula Coffee Espresso Roast

  • Bold Flavor
  • High-Quality Beans
  • Versatility
  • Meticulously Sourced and Roasted

Here’s another non acidic coffee brand. 

Fabula Coffee Espresso Roast is meticulously sourced and roasted to provide a gentle experience for your tummy while offering a delicious flavor that will satisfy your coffee cravings. 

The good thing about Fabula Coffee Espresso Roast; they prioritize your well-being by ensuring that their coffee is always organic, non-GMO, fairly traded, and chemical-free.

This medium decaf roast from Fabula is meticulously sourced and roasted to provide a gentle experience for your tummy while offering a delicious flavor that will satisfy your coffee cravings.

Like our top pick, Lifeboost, Fabula Coffee is also shade-grown coffee, a method that results in complex and desirable flavors. It’s worth noting that less than 2% of the world’s coffee is shade-grown, and Fabula proudly belongs to this exclusive group.

Not only this, Fabula beans undergo a meticulous sun-drying process to ensure exceptional quality, reaching the ideal humidity level of 11.5%. This careful drying method eliminates any possibility of mold, guaranteeing a clean and safe coffee experience.


  • Rich and Bold Flavor
  • Best coffee for GERD
  • Freshness
  • Versatility


  •  Less Aromatic

Finally, with Fabula Coffee Espresso Roast, you can enjoy a coffee that tastes exceptional and supports your health and well-being. So, experience the perfect balance of flavor, purity, and freshness in every sip with this least acidic coffee.

Volcanica Costa Rican Coffee —- Best Pre-Ground Coffee

Volcanica Costa Rican Coffee

  • Mellow belly coffee
  • Variety of Flavors
  • Affordable low acid coffee
  • Special blend of low acid coffees

Let’s talk about the best affordable pre-ground coffee.

Costa Rica is renowned for its coffee production, and Volcanica sources beans from the finest coffee-growing regions(Brazil and Sumatra) in the country. The volcanic terrain imparts distinctive flavors to the coffee, creating a truly memorable cup. 

Volcanica presents a special blend of low acid coffees ( pH ranges from 5.2 to 5.3) with Arabica beans. Volcanica Costa Rican Coffee offers a delightful and versatile flavor to a satisfying taste experience. 

You can choose between whole fresh beans or pre-ground decaf coffee. Additionally, Volcanica offers three grind options: espresso,  drip, and French roast. So, you can enjoy all types of coffee with a fresh aromatic taste which is good for your health.


  • Reasonable Price
  • Thoughtfully Sourced Beans
  • easy to Digest


  •  Shorter shelf life

As my final words for  Volcanica Costa Rican Coffee, I’ll say whether you prefer whole bean or ground coffee; Volcanica offers a variety of options to suit your brewing preferences. From light to dark roasts, you can explore the diverse range of flavors and find the perfect match for your coffee experience.

Puroast Low Acid Coffee — Highest Antioxidants

Puroast Low Acid Coffee

  • Best coffee for ulcers
  • Blend of medium and dark roast beans
  •  Resealable Bags
  • Low Acide coffee for cold brew

Looking for the best coffee for ulcers?

Here comes Puroast Coffee’s French Roast Coffee, which claims 70% less acid than other coffee blends. Unlike other coffees, Puroast Coffee’s French Roast ensures a rich and strong coffee experience without a bitter aftertaste.

 If you’re a coffee lover who seeks great taste and wants to “feel better, not bitter,” Puroast Coffee is the perfect choice for you. 

Where does the secret lie?

When observing French Roast, you’ll notice a blend of medium and dark roast beans. This unique combination makes Puroast Low Acid Coffee rich in taste and low in acidity.

Although Puroast Low Acid Coffee beans are packaged in resealable bags to preserve their freshness, you still need to transfer them into an airtight container for proper storage. 

What’s the downside?

The Puroast French Roast Coffee is specially crafted for drip brewing systems. As a result, if you prefer to enjoy your coffee through a French press or prepare it for cold brew methods, this specific option may not be the most suitable choice for your desired brewing technique.


  • Reasonable Price
  • Low Acidity
  • Smooth Taste


  •  Short Shelf time

In short, if you’re searching for an affordable coffee that doesn’t compromise on flavor or acidity, Puroast French Roast Coffee can be a good choice. This excellent option perfectly balances taste and acid content, ensuring a satisfying cup of coffee while remaining friendly to your budget.

Lucy Jo’s Coffee Mellow Belly – The Best Variety

Lucy Jo’s Coffee Mellow Belly

  • Various coffee bean blends
  •  Resealable 11oz (312g) bag
  • Organic

Let’s talk about the brand itself. Lucy Jo’s Coffee Mellow Belly, the best organic low acid coffee brand.

Lucy Jo’s Coffee is a family-run business known for its various coffee bean blends and roast levels. However, Indonesia and South America are the main sources of beans, while they also have beans from Africa and Mexico.

What sets Lucy Jo’s Coffee apart is their wide range of low-acid coffees, catering to the preferences of every coffee lover. Whether you prefer a bold and robust flavor or a milder and smoother taste, they have a roast profile to suit your palate.


  • Wide variety
  • Low-acid options
  • Family-run business
  • Organic


  •  Some may not like the taste

So, whether you’re looking for a versatile coffee option that can be enjoyed all day or aiming to satisfy diverse taste preferences, Lucy Jo’s Low Acid Coffee is an exceptional selection. 

Packaged in a convenient resealable 11oz (312g) bag, you can enjoy the rich flavors of Lucy Jo’s at your own pace, ensuring a delightful coffee experience whenever you desire.

Java Planet Medium-Dark Roast – Best Eco-Friendly Coffee

Java Planet Medium-Dark Roast

  • Bird-Friendly coffee
  • 100% organic
  •  Free from nasty mycotoxins
  • Sourced from Colombia

Want to know about the low acid coffee brands in grocery stores?

Here comes Java Planet Medium-Dark Roast, sourced from Colombia. It’s certified Organically and holds the prestigious Rainforest Alliance Certification. 

And you, what’s the best part? Java Planet Medium-Dark Roast is Bird-Friendly coffee. It not only protects you from acidity, but it also protects both wildlife and the environment. 

Moreover, Java Planet Medium-Dark Roast uses only 100% organic specialty-grade arabica coffee beans that undergo independent testing to ensure they’re free from nasty mycotoxins.


  • Roast date printed on the bag
  • Affordable price
  • Organic certification
  • Fair treatment


  •  Not available pre-ground for those who don’t have access to a grinder.

In short, Java Planet Medium-Dark Roast coffee is affordable without compromising on quality. It boasts a full body that will satisfy your coffee cravings. Don’t miss out on this fantastic combination of goodness!

Read more about how to grind the beans without the grinder.

Momme Coffee – Best Decaf Low Acid Coffee

Momme Coffee

  • 100% Organic Arabica beans
  • Fantastic for both hot and cold brewing
  • Non-GMO coffee beans.
  • No sugars or preservatives

Do you want to enjoy a smooth, creamy taste with delightful hints of butterscotch and toffee? Mommee Coffee prides itself on using 100% Organic Arabica beans that will make your mouth water.

Momme Coffee is the best tasting low acid coffee, That’s true.

Not only does it taste, but it’s also fantastic for both hot and cold brewing!

How does it prepare? Mommee Coffee keeps it simple for you. It uses amazing ingredients—100% Organic, non-GMO coffee beans. 

What’s more? You don’t have to worry about added sugars or preservatives because Mommee Coffee keeps it pure and free from extras.

Moreover, you’ll get a mellow energy boost with Half Caff grind! It’s got just 50mg of caffeine per 12 oz cup, giving you the perfect amount to get through the day without getting too wired.

You won’t be bouncing off the walls, trust me. 

And here’s the scoop: according to the American Congress of OBGYNs, you can enjoy up to 200mg of caffeine (that’s like 1-2 cups of fully caffeinated coffee) per day without any big risks of miscarriage or preterm birth.


  • 100% Organic, non-GMO coffee beans
  • No added sugars or preservatives
  • Suitable for pregnant women
  • Has natural flavor


  •  A bit expensive

So, continue your morning intake of coffee without being worried about your belly anymore and enjoy the best alkaline coffee.

Bulletproof Medium-Roast – Best Pour-Over or Drip Coffee

Bulletproof Medium-Roast

  • Medium-Roast
  • Exceptional flavor
  • Certified
  • Eco Friendly
Bulletproof Medium-Roast

Get ready to experience the exceptional flavor of Bulletproof Medium-Roast Coffee.

This caffeinated coffee boasts cinnamon, plum, and orange notes, coming together to create a unique and flavorful experience. The journey ends with a delightful cocoa hazelnut finish that will leave you craving another sip. 

Its commitment to quality and performance makes Bulletproof Medium-Roast even more impressive. It undergoes extensive lab testing to meet the brand’s stringent standards. This attention to detail guarantees that you’re getting great coffee and supports your overall well-being.


  • Flavorful experience
  • Provides a gentle energy boost
  • Convenient and easy to use


  •  A bit pricey

So, don’t wait any longer; go ahead and give yourself the gift of pure coffee bliss with Bulletproof Medium-Roast. You’ll be thanking your taste buds for this delightful experience!

What is Low Acid Coffee? Benefits of Low Acid Coffee

Acidity in coffee refers to a specific taste characteristic rather than the pH level of the beverage. It describes the bright, vibrant, and tangy flavors that are present in coffee. Acidity is a desirable quality in coffee because it contributes to the overall complexity and balance of the flavor profile.

When we talk about coffee’s acidity, we refer to the presence of organic acids, such as citric acid, malic acid, and acetic acid. These acids naturally occur in coffee beans and are influenced by various factors, including the coffee variety, growing conditions, processing methods, and roast level.

The acidity in coffee is often described using terms like “bright,” “lively,” “citrusy,” or “wine-like.” It adds a pleasant and refreshing taste to the coffee.

However, it’s important to note that acidity can vary between different coffee beans and regions. Some coffees may have a higher acidity, while others may exhibit a lower acidity and be more mellow or balanced.

So, when we talk about acidity in coffee, we’re referring to the different flavors that make it bright and tangy. These flavors come from organic acids found naturally in coffee beans. Let’s dive into some of the common types of acids:

Types of Acids in Coffee

First up, we have citric acid, which gives coffee a citrusy kick, like the zesty taste of lemons or oranges. It adds that vibrant and refreshing quality to your cup. Beans planted in higher altitudes like Arabica or lightly roasted contain most citric acid.

Next comes Chlorogenic acid, which is naturally present in coffee beans. It is one of the key compounds responsible for coffee consumption’s taste and health benefits.

Chlorogenic acid has antioxidant properties and is believed to have various health benefits, such as reducing inflammation, improving heart health, and aiding in weight management. 

Chlorogenic acid is predominantly found in lighter roasted coffee beans. However, during the roasting process, especially with darker roasts, the levels of chlorogenic acid tend to decrease or become less noticeable.

Then we have malic acid, which brings in a tartness that reminds you of biting into a juicy apple. It adds a nice tangy twist to the coffee’s flavor.

Next, there’s acetic acid. You know that slight vinegar-like note you might notice in some coffees? Well, that’s acetic acid at play. It adds to the overall acidity but shouldn’t be overpowering.

Moving on, we have phosphoric acid, which contributes to the sweetness and complexity of the coffee. It can enhance fruity and floral flavors, making your coffee experience more enjoyable.

Now let’s talk about lactic acid. It’s the one responsible for that creamy and smooth mouthfeel you might appreciate in some coffees. It helps balance out the flavors and adds a touch of richness.

Last but not least, there’s quinic acid. This acid is interesting because it can give the coffee a perceived bitterness. But don’t worry, in moderate amounts, it actually adds to the overall complexity of the coffee.

How to Choose The Right Low Acid Coffee Brand

So, you’re on the hunt for a low acid coffee brand? No problem, let me give you some tips on how to choose the right one!

First off, keep an eye out for coffee brands that are specifically labeled as “low acid” or “acid reduced.” 

These companies go the extra mile to process their beans in a way that reduces acidity, and they usually make it clear on their packaging or product descriptions.

Another thing to consider is the region the coffee beans come from. Some coffee-growing regions naturally produce beans with lower acidity. 

For example, beans from Brazil or Sumatra tend to be milder in acidity compared to those from Ethiopia or Kenya. Look for brands that source their beans from these regions.

Now, let’s talk about roast level. Darker roasts generally have lower acidity compared to lighter roasts. So if you’re looking to minimize acidity, go for dark or medium-dark roasted coffees. They tend to have a smoother and less acidic taste.

Customer reviews and product descriptions can also be helpful. Take some time to read what others have to say about a particular brand. 

Look for keywords like “smooth,” “mellow,” or “low acidity” in the descriptions. It gives you a good idea of what to expect in terms of flavor profile.

Consider giving decaffeinated coffee a try as well. Decaf coffee usually has lower acidity compared to regular coffee. If regular coffee tends to trigger acidity-related discomfort, going for decaf might be a more stomach-friendly option.

Oh, and don’t be afraid to experiment with different brewing methods. Cold brew, for example, is known for producing a less acidic coffee. 

You can try cold brew coffee brands or make your own using a cold brew method. French press and pour-over brewing methods can also result in a smoother cup with reduced acidity.

Read more about how to make cold brew coffee.

Let’s explore some tips and tricks to make your coffee less acidic.

The way you brew your coffee can have a significant impact on its acidity. It’s like a coffee adventure where you can experiment with unique flavors by tweaking a few factors.

Let’s start with time. If you want a less acidic cup, try extending the brewing time a bit. Allow those coffee grounds to steep a little longer and let the flavors mellow out, which results in a smoother experience.

Temperature is another key player. Lowering the brewing temperature can work wonders in reducing acidity. So, adjust that heat, let your coffee brew at a gentler temperature, and enjoy a more balanced and less acidic brew.

Now, let’s talk about grind size. Coarser grounds are your friends when it comes to minimizing acidity. They give you the freedom to brew at a lower temperature and extract the flavors more gradually. As a result, you get a satisfying and less acidic cup of joe.

Want to know a secret?

If you’re searching for a  true low acidity brew, consider experimenting with the cold brew. Cold brewing is a patient process where you let those coffee grounds steep in cold water for an extended period. 

The result? A smooth and delightfully low acidity coffee experience that’s sure to captivate your taste buds without disturbing your stomach.

Oh, and for those seeking to add a touch of creaminess while reducing acidity, milk can come to the rescue. But hey, if you’re lactose intolerant, don’t despair. There are fantastic plant-based options out there, like almond milk. 

Surprisingly, almond milk contains components that help neutralize stomach acid, giving you relief while adding a delightful twist to your coffee.

Finally, this coffee journey is unique to you. So, start the adventure, experiment with different brewing techniques, and discover the perfect balance of acidity and flavor that suits your palate. Enjoy every sip of your customized, low acidity cup of joe!

Final Verdict For The Best Low-Acid Coffee Brands

Let’s recall the top low acid coffee brands and decide what suits you the best. I’ll go for my top pick “Lifeboost Dark Roast coffee”. Why it’s my one of my favorite coffees? Lifeboost Dark Roast uses Arabica beans. And they’re like the high rollers of the coffee world. 

They’re grown in fancy high-altitude regions, blessed with perfect weather conditions, and treated with extra care. All that attention to detail results in superior-quality coffee that’s a cut above the rest.

Lifeboost Dark Roast coffee is known to be gentler on the stomach because it has lower acidity levels. So, if coffee tends to give you digestive woes or acid reflux, switching to Lifeboost Dark Roast coffee might just be your ticket to coffee enjoyment without discomfort. So, give it a try!


Low acid coffee is often recommended for individuals with sensitive stomachs because it can help reduce digestive discomfort and minimize acid reflux.

The least acidic coffee brew is typically cold brew coffee. Cold brewing involves steeping coffee grounds in cold water for an extended period, usually around 12 to 24 hours. This method produces a smooth and mellow coffee with significantly lower acidity compared to hot brewed coffee.

Americano coffee generally has a moderate level of acidity. An Americano is made by diluting espresso shots with hot water, which helps to lower the concentration of acids present in the espresso. However, the acidity of an Americano can still vary depending on factors such as the type of coffee beans used, the roast level, and the brewing technique.

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